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One of my favourite ways to show the people I love that I’m thinking about them is by sending a little note or letter in the mail. I love dropping the letters off in a post box knowing a loved one is getting an unexpected piece of me in the mail — a space that’s normally reserved for flyers and bills.

When Paperless Post reached out to ask if I wanted to try out their e-invite service I was a little bit hesitant! I’ve always been a fan of good old-fashioned paper products and I wondered if an e-invite would be able to convey the same experience as a letter.

I spent a good half hour searching through their pages and pages of beautiful designs and immediately said YES! Here’s why it works for me.

Every time I turn on the news I’m bombarded with information about the state of our beautiful earth. It’s no secret that the planet is in trouble and I want to make sure I’m always doing my part to live more sustainably!

While sending out cards and invitations in an email instead of a paper card might not seem like something that would make a big difference, this served as a little reminder to question the impact of my habits.

This collaboration came at the perfect time! I’ve been wanting to host a little knick-knack swap in my home for a few months now and this gave me the perfect opportunity. I’ve heard of book and clothing swaps but being the interior design nerd I am, I thought it would be really fun to swap decor and other household items!

I’ve asked all my friends to bring their gently used household items in reusable bags so I don’t end up with plastic and cardboard waste and I won’t be using any disposable products to help me host the party — not even my cute collection of paper straws!

My goal for this little get together is to help my friends clear out the items that don’t spark joy so they can make room for new pieces that have already been well-loved. I love passing along the decor pieces that no longer serve me to my friends and I know they love it too. Shopping for free! What more could you want?

It made so much sense to use Paperless Post for the invitations because they do all the hard work with the design, contacts and RSVP. Plus, I was starting off my party planning without creating any additional waste!

Paperless Post makes it so easy to invite everyone on your list and keep track of the attendees. If I’m honest, the hardest part was picking a design because I fell in love with so many of them! I ended up with a Rifle Paper Co. design called November Herbarium because of the simple floral design and pink accents. Perfect for Spring!

The next step was to customize the messaging. It took me about 15 minutes to get all of the information I wanted to be arranged on the card, and about five more minutes to pick the envelope lining, stamp and the background I wanted to display my invite — they think of absolutely every piece of the experience! It was so much quicker than writing out 12 identical invites and allowed me to try out a few combinations to achieve perfection.

When I had the design and text nailed down, I just had to add the contact information for my guests. I put all of my information in manually because I only had 12 emails to write out but they also have a feature that allows you to import your list to save you time — and they even save your contacts for next time so you don’t have to do it all over again!

When you finally click ‘send’ your guests will receive a beautiful and interactive card in their inbox! They will also receive access to the event homepage that is complete with RSVP boxes, a location finder, address and time information and a little comment wall! All of the information they need for the event is in one place which saves you answering the same questions a million times — leaving you lots of time to spend planning and executing your event!

The knick-knack swap is happening in a few short weeks and I’m already received quite a few RSVPs! I think it was a pleasant surprise for my friends to receive such a pretty email in their inbox — definitely just as loving and well-meaning as a card in the mail.

I’m well and truly deep into party planning mode and I’m already so excited! Stay tuned for a play by play of the actual day. I will definitely be writing a blog post about the whole experience.

Happy Sunday!

*This post is sponsored by Paperless Post. I received coins to help create invites for this blog post but was not otherwise paid or compensated. All views expressed below are solely mine.

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