What Happened When I Went off Social Media for a Month

social media

We work. We play. We socialize. We procrastinate. We create. We share.

Our contact to the world is endless and our phones are extensions of our limbs in the same way as our hands and feet. It’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed by the ‘pressures’ of our generation — we invite them into our lives every day and call it entertainment.

My phone is the first thing I look at when I open my eyes in the morning and usually the last thing I touch before I go to bed. I’ve been blogging for almost five years on and off, post a couple of times a week on Instagram and scroll through apps for hours and days on end. While this might sound like a lot to those who don’t blog or use social media as a tool or a hobby, most of the time I feel like I’m not doing enough. Because when it comes to social media, nothing is ever enough.

The idea of a social media detox came to me in early November. I finally felt settled enough in Halifax and was happy to be here, but in many other ways felt completely stuck and unsure of my next steps. I knew I needed some time to clear my head and the idea of cutting out social media completely felt like a great first step.

So, on January 1, 2019, I put up my final note on instagram to say that I was talking some time off, and deleted every single social media app from my phone: twitter, facebook, snapchat, instagram, VSCO, UNUM and any other tools and apps that I used daily in the general realm of content creation.

So it was done. I didn’t feel panicked, the world didn’t end, and I didn’t even feel an overwhelming sense of relief.

And can I fill you in on what happened in the following days and weeks after my social media was gone?


Nothing, and everything.

Social media can be a beautiful gateway into the lives of others and the chance to share your talents and dreams with a world of people you wouldn’t meet walking around your hometown. But it’s also a competitive world that promotes feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, and greed.

With those distractions gone I began to hone in on the things that I love to do. I love meeting up with friends and spending quality time with my family. I love decorating my home and writing about interior design. I love taking photos and reading books and bullet journaling. It’s simple, really.

I told myself that I wanted to use the time to create and work on projects that made me happy so that when the time came I felt ready and excited about sharing my life again. Because at the end of the day, sharing my life and my passions does give me a great amount of joy. I still love pressing ‘publish’ on a blog post or an Instagram photo.

This month taught me the why behind all of the things I do. It put me back on the right track and helped me strengthen my raison d’être so that when the moment comes, I’m doing these things for myself and not to keep up with the crowds.

So I guess this is my moment to come back.

I’ll talk to you soon,

social media

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