How to Style your Vanity

How to Style your Vanity

It’s really hard to pick one single part of my bedroom that is my favourite, but I reallllly love my vanity. It’s feminine and clean and makes me feel so elegant when I get ready in the morning. I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but the dresser is Hemnes from IKEA and I love it. It’s fits everything with room to spare and it looks amazing in any space. I even have a cheeky little drawer set aside for my favourite beauty products! 

The mirror overtop of my dresser was only $39.99 at HomeSense! Does it get any better?! I love how perfectly it fits right above my dresser… But the rectangular mirror and the simple design of the dresser tend to make the space feel a little too structured and linear for my taste. But that’s where the fun begins! It’s been so much fun to constantly play with accessories and switch things out to add some curves and femininity to the space. I love the huge statement lamp and the apothecary jars because they even out the space, give some much needed height, and also add the curved lines that I was craving!

I also have to mention that the lamp cost me a whole $3! I found the lampshade on the side of the road (I love garbage picking), and the lamp base at a thrift store for $3! I’ve been meaning to spray paint the base for a while, but I bought the base mid-fall and since then it’s been so wet and cold in Halifax the thought of spray painting outside hasn’t been very appealing. It’s very important to only use spray paint in a well ventilated area and to use a drop cloth or something to protect your space. I typically don’t feel comfortable doing it inside. Always be careful! When the weather clears up I’m thinking about spray painting it gold!

To keep my makeup and jewelry organized, I like using mismatched trays, dishes and bowls. The glass dish above is actually a sugar bowl that my Grandma gave me and it fits some of my favourite lipsticks perfectly! The turquoise dish was an abandoned saucer that I found for $1 at a thrift store. I love the bright colour and gold design because it adds a pop of colour to my white dresser. I’m still working on bringing a bit more colour to the space, but for now, I think this plate helps a lot!

The huge mirror above my dresser does an amazing job to open up the space. I really like how it reflects my beautiful bedside area! The white stained box is another thrift store find and only cost me $6! It is made in India and has a beautiful iron design on the top, lovely etching and tons of room to fit hair ties, clips and any extra makeup that I don’t want cluttering the space.

What do you think of my space? I love how easy it is for me to get ready in the morning because everything I need it right there and available for me to use! It’s also really fun to move things around and add new pieces. This is a space that is constantly changing and I love it.

How do you decorate your vanity?


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