Happy Thoughts: Winter Edition

Happy Thoughts: Winter Edition

I am not the biggest fan of Winter. But I am the kind of person that tries to find little happy moments in every day, and I thought that it would be nice to share those things. We are halfway through winter in Halifax and I am definitely feeling the winter blues. While sometimes it is hard to get out of the blues, it is nice to have a little reminder of the little things that make days a little bit better. These are just a few of my ideas!

  1. Wearing bulky boots outside and having warm toes all day
  2. Coming home out of the cold and putting on pajamas
  3. Having a warm cup of tea with a friend
  4. Holding hands and skating with friends
  5. Lighting your favourite candle and sinking into a hot bubble bath
  6. Covering up in warm blanket to watch movies
  7. Wearing new mittens & socks & sweaters & hats & slippers
  8. Making the first footprints after a snowfall
  9. When shoveling heavy snow turns into a snowball fight
  10. Feeling refreshed after a cold walk
  11. Watching snow fall from inside your house
  12. Cuddling up with someone you love… Or a puppy… Or a book

What makes you happy in the winter?


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