My Top 8 Summer Road Trip Essentials

Guess where I am right now! If you guessed beautiful Savannah, Georgia you would be right! Adam and I left early this morning to make the 4 hour drive from Atlanta to Savannah. But more on our actual trip later… For now, I want to talk about all my road trip essentials!

  1. Small essentials. I like to keep a small pencil case with smaller things that I need to make sure they don’t get forgotten or lost in my tote bag or luggage. I always like to keep extra hair ties, bobby pins, my favourite rose lip salve, gum, headphones, pen, small notepad, advil, the lipstick I’m wearing.
  2. First Aid Kit. Having a first aid kit is probably a pretty practical and obvious thing to have in the car, but at the moment my spring allergies are out of control and having various types of allergy medication is a must. After multiple sneezing fits from the passenger seat, I know Adam was grateful for the 24 hour extra strength allergy medication, eye drops, puffer and extra kleenex I packed into the car at the last minute.
  3. Cooler. There is nothing worse than getting to your destination feeling sluggish and ill because of the burger you picked up in a hurry on the road. It doesn’t take very long to make a couple of wraps or sandwiches, pack some trail mix and a couple of pieces of fruit in a cooler, but it makes all the difference. I’m perpetually hungry on planes or in the car, so it’s nice knowing I have filling and semi healthy snacks to eat.
  4. Music. Before a road trip I like to either create a new playlist with my favourite music, or look around for new artists and albums to listen to. It’s also fun to listen to the radio or something like spotify. Adam and I were able to enjoy my satellite radio because we took my Dad’s car and really enjoyed listening to The Highway. There is nothing quite like listening to country music with the windows down on a warm summer day.

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  5. Water. It might just be me, but after a little while in the car I start to feel so dehydrated. I hate buying water bottles because they are a waste of money and are terrible for the environment, but I always like to keep a few reusable bottles in the cooler during a road trip to make sure we are never without.
  6. A good book. My mission for the summer is to get back into reading. I feel like university has squeezed every ounce of interest I used to have in reading out of me, but I would like to be able to get back into it. I broughtΒ The Lovely BonesΒ  with me because my sister had it lying around and I spent the entire car ride reading it. I’m almost done! It is a very dark book, but beautifully written. I couldn’t stop reading and can’t wait to lie in bed and read some more when we get home tonight.
  7. Comfy outfit. We stopped at our hotel before exploring Savannah, which means that I was able to change into a nice outfit before going out. It was nice not worrying about wearing uncomfortable jean shorts and a nice shirt for the ride, and I opted for a soft shirt, leggings and my trusty sperries to keep me happy during the long drive.
  8. Camera charger & batteries! Trust me on this one… You don’t want to get to your destination and have your camera die an hour into your adventure like us!! Somehow I totally forgot the camera charger and we are actually about to go on a hunt for one because the camera is dead! I spent our entire walk around Savannah trying to save the battery and only turning it on when I knew I had an important shot. Learn from my mistakes and triple check that you have everything you need!

I can’t wait to tell you more about our trip to Savannah! It’s our first time her and I am in love with this beautiful city.

What are your road trip essentials?

Sincerely, Rowan


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