Spring Inspired: Desk Accessory Round Up

A couple weeks back, I did an Office Space Round Up post, and promised that I would write a desk accessory post to go along with it. Well here it is! I think the accessories I’ve chosen are pretty self explanatory… Every single blogger seems to have a pair of gold scissors and a cute stapler on their desk these days and I can’t even say that I am one bit ashamed to hop on this bandwagon. I will genuinely use them, which is why they are on my list. I have a sketchbook thatΒ I draw in from time to time, but I’m always cutting out pictures from magazines to paste into it for inspiration. I have an envelope filled with pictures that I want to incorporate into designs, and I find it so relaxing to sit down and play scrapbook like I used to as a kid. Long story short… I definitely need gold scissors! …Right..?

(Edit by: Rowan Morrissy)
(Edit by: Rowan Morrissy)

I also mentioned in my last post that I’m looking for a desk chair that is both functional and stylish. I chose three that I liked here, but I think the grey chair in the middle is probably the style I will be looking for. It just looks a lot more comfortable than the other two, but it doesn’t sacrifice style which is always important.

I’m not even surprised that all of these accessories follow along a gold and pastel theme. I was definitely influenced by the spring time and Easter decorations that I’m seeing everywhere.

A few other things that I’d like to have on my desk are a plant, a nice candle and massive mug to drink my tea from. Having plants around my house this year has made all the difference. Even though it’s still gross and slushy outside, my little cacti and aloe plants add a much needed splash of greenery to our little house.

If you’d like to see exactly where all of these items are from, check out my Polyvore! I love making little sets on there for fun. It’s also really great because if there is an item you like, it shows you exactly where to buy it.

What are your must-have desk accessories?

Sincerely, Rowan


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