Spring Homeware Wishlist

Spring Homeware Wishlist

Not going to lie, when I first wrote this blog post a lot of these items were just on a wishlist and now they’re on their way to my home. Oops! It’s been so long since I made any updates to my flat and I’m really excited to have a few new things to refresh my space for spring!

In February I looked around my house and was so bored by the monochrome palette. Everything was very grey inside and outside and I just needed to add some more colour. I shopped my house and switched things around to refresh the space a little and I love how it looks! There’s no set colour scheme but it works because everything else is so neutral. I would say that the dominant colours are mint, green, mustard and shades of blue but I’m not being very strict with it. Adding a few items from this wishlist will definitely help better define the spring-inspired palette!

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I’m very bored with how the couch looks because other than my fluffy blush pillow, everything is white, grey and black. We also haven’t decorated the bedroom at all. Eight months later and our mattress is still on the floor! It’s driving me crazy but I think we’re ordering a new bed frame from Structube next week. I can’t wait to sleep in an actual bed! We definitely need some decorative pillows to spruce the space up until I can invest in some new bedding and I think the mint velvet lumbar pillow will be the perfect addition. I already have a pillow insert for the case which is why this is one of the items that’s already on its way to our home! If I remember, I’m going to do a little haul/unboxing on my YouTube channel because I just made a big order on H&M Home.

Our bedroom will be the only room with an actual colour scheme. I’m going for mint and mustard yellow to complement our white bedding and our black bed frame. The style of the furniture reminds me of a cozy cottage but the yellow and mint will add some playful details to the mix. Having a bit of colour is crucial with this room because there aren’t any windows! We need to keep it light and fresh and nothing says ‘bright’ like yellow.

My other wishlist items aren’t as crucial as the pillows I’ve ordered. I’ve been on the hunt for a blanket ladder for the living room for a while and I love this white dipped option from Wayfair. It’s a little out of my budget for right now but I will keep it in mind for a splurge down the road. I also really need a new vase for flowers; I’ve been using a couple of mason jars for fresh blooms because I haven’t found one that fits my vision. This pink vase from IKEA is new and very cute but I kind of fell in love with this option from H&M Home after I put this little mood board together. I love the idea of mixing geometric lines with delicate flowers.

The last few things are a little random but I included them nonetheless. A cute book on organizing your home, a pretty mint mug that I don’t need, and these round braided placemats from IKEA to warm up our white dining table! These colours all together are making me so happy! The best part is that Adam was totally on board with the new additions. I think he’s ready to have some spring colours in the house as well!

Are there any items that you absolutely need this spring? How do you update your home for the warmer months! Leave me a comment below!

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Spring Homeware Wishlist

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