Seaside Sunset & Chocolate Cake | Vlog #1


I’ve mentioned before that I love watching vlogs, and said that I wanted to start vlogging on my 101 Things in 1001 Days post. Well, here is my first attempt! Adam and I took a little hike in Herring Cove last night and watched as the sun set over the ocean. It was so beautiful and although I wasn’t planning on filming anything when I brought my camera with us, I’m so glad I pressed record! I just had to capture the beautiful evening lighting. So. Here it is! A little summary of our hike and relaxing evening set to music.

The scenery in Nova Scotia is absolutely stunning. Adam and I were in awe as we watched the sunset and walked through the trails. Every time I think the view can’t get any better we walk around the corner and are astounded by something else. If you’ve never been to Nova Scotia you should definitely add it to your list!

I had a lot of time filming and editing this video. Apologies for the shaky filming. I promise that I will get better! Practice makes perfect, and I’ve been putting this off for so long that I’m just glad that I went out and tried it.

Enjoy! I’m going to go sneak another piece of that cake…

Sincerely, Rowan


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