My Hotel Chic Bedroom Tour

My Hotel Chic Bedroom Tour

I’ve done a few posts about my bedroom, but I thought I would do one more post as an overview to show you how it looks when it is all together. There are still so many things I wish I could add.. Like a large fluffy rug, more art on the walls, and some comfy pillows (to name a few). But I’m moving in just over a month, and it looks like I’m going to have to start packing up instead of adding more decorations.

I would have really liked to put up some more pictures and add a huge mood board over my keyboard. I also think that my nightstands need some more work and that my floor definitely needs a soft rug. Although I must admit that even if I had the time and money to do all these things with my bedroom, it will never be truly finished, and I am happy with the way it looks for now! At least I have pictures to remember it by.

What do you think? 


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