Rental Refresh: The Home Office

Home Office

Oh, the luxury. A home office. As someone who has spent many hours and years working from home, a fully equipped home office with a door has been a daydream for quite some time. When we moved into our two-bedroom flat in Halifax I felt almost giddy with ideas of a bright and airy workspace to call my own. I’m sure you can understand how much joy this project is bringing to me.

I’ve always been very conscious about how working at home affects me. At some points in my life I’ve turned to the comfort of a soft office (AKA my bed) and at other times I’ve been really great at sticking to a routine of sitting down at a desk to complete the necessary tasks.

With the new year finally upon us, now feels like the right moment to realize some of those home office daydreams. As a lover of interior design, the most important influence on my life and happiness is always going to be my home environment. I’m hoping the redesign will help me focus and prioritize so I can put my energy into the things that bring me joy! Like blogging and studying interior design.

Let’s get into it.

We painted the office white when we moved in which created a beautiful blank canvas for all of my plans. I bought a new desk and pull out couch from Structube in October along with a turquoise vintage filing cabinet from Kijiji to complete the furniture needed in the room.

Home Office

But that’s when all the progress stopped.

At first, I was picturing a space anchored in blush pink with slight touches of mustard yellow. We all know that it wasn’t even an option to not include shades of pink in the space! But something about this pairing didn’t quite hit the nail on the head. When I found the turquoise filing cabinet I knew that I’d found the source of inspiration that I was looking for. Blush pink, with mustard yellow and a splash of turquoise; a combination that makes my heart sing!

My next task was to create a list of all the projects I wanted to complete. If you’re thinking about making some changes to your space, I highly suggest you ask yourself these questions. They will guide you and help you understand how to prioritize the task at hand.

  • How do I want this space to feel?
  • What purpose does this space serve? 
  • Who is using the space?
  • How should I organize the space to simplify my lifestyle?
  • Where do I want the focal point of the room to be?
Home Office

Even though the room will serve mostly as a home office, it also needs to work as a guest room and my closet. We have friends stay over quite frequently and our pull-out couch has already seen a lot of use. The closet is a great size and is the main place for all of my belongings, but I also wanted to hang up some hats and find space for the jewelry and accessories that are usually inaccessible. That’s a lot of function for a small space — planning everything out is the key to success.

Even though the main jobs are done (painting and furniture) there are still so many small projects to do! I couldn’t possibly get them all done within this one blog post so I will be sharing small updates on the space as they happen in a little office makeover series as part of Rental Refresh. Coming up next, the gallery wall!

Take care.

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Home Office

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