Rental Refresh: Sparking Joy with a Pink Door

pink door

When you first move into a new space, there’s always a long to-do list of changes that are necessary and maybe a few lingering ideas that are just for fun. Painting every single room? Definitely a necessity. Tearing down the yellow blinds? Absolutely paramount. A pink door? Totally just for fun. But to me, the impact is just as monumental.

I knew in my heart when I nailed down the colour palette for the home office that I had to paint the door pink. And here we are, a year later; my beautiful pink door is the shining star of the space.

There are a lot of reasons why it’s not the more practical move. But it was definitely the right one.

Want proof that this was meant to be? I just did a quick search through my Pinterest Pins and found not one, not two, not even ten pictures of pink doors. In all my years on Pinterest, I have pinned twenty-four pictures of pink doors. Now do you believe in fate?

pink door

Here’s why it works for me

My office is by far the darkest room in the house and it’s even darker now that we keep the door closed at all times because of a certain curious little pupper who roams the rooms. The gallery wall I installed a few months ago does wonders to add visual interest to the white walls and I love how the throws and blankets I’ve layered in the space tie everything together. But! Something was still missing.

One of my favourite designers, Sophie Robinson, also known as the Queen of Colour, is always going on about how much the perfect pop of colour can improve your life:

The age of colour is upon us. Dull and drab is no longer acceptable for those wanting to live confidently, creatively and escape the prison of the beige-box-home.

Sophie Robinson

The moment I swiped the first wash of ‘pale coral’ onto my door it truly felt like the stars had aligned. Now, not everyone will understand the depths of this feeling. I’m sure a few people are already rolling their eyes thinking I’m being a touch dramatic about a little bit of paint. But this contentment and alignment is exactly what I want to cultivate in my home.

pink door

It’s not just a pink door

My goal for the office was to create a space that embodied the multitudes within me. I wanted to hone in on the colours that have become my signature, the images that inspire me to be better, and sentimentality around me that supports me to go after my dreams.

Now, when I’m stuck writing a blog post or feel a bit lost writing a scary email, I can look around and lock eyes with my pink door and remind myself of how far I’ve come, where I want to go and to trust my gut.

Interior Design has never been just about the aesthetic to me. I’m such a firm believer in the power of our surroundings. I’m totally aware that creating a space that feels inexplicably like you is not an easy task. But I promise you this: if the first thing you lay eyes on in the morning makes your heart sing, you will approach your day with the vigour and conviction you need to be your best self.

pink door

Still think I’m dramatic? Try it out. Jump on the Marie Kondo hype if you need a guideline for finding those pieces that “spark joy”.

Move your furniture. Make your bed. Update your art. Tape a letter from your mom on your fridge. Buy the candle. Paint your door.

Just let it be authentically you, and don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

Take care.


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