Reflecting on 2020

2020 reflections

There are so many different ways I could begin this post. When I sat down last January to write my ‘2020 Intentions‘ I never imagined we’d end up here. I don’t think anyone could have.

2020 was a really difficult year. We’ve all been conditioned to see the New Year as a brand new start, and the end of a chapter. But this year, things feel different.

We all know that even when the clock chimes midnight and the champagne is popped and New Year’s kisses shared, that the pandemic is not over. We might be leaving certain things behind in 2020, but this chapter isn’t over. And even if it was, the collective trauma of this year will linger.

Time doesn’t stand still or stop abruptly; it just continues. Just as the events of this year will continue on January 1st and onwards.

That being said, I have a lot of hope for 2021. While this year might have been the catalyst for a changed world, it’s also shown me there is so much good that deserves to be recognized.

In my own community, my neighbours have shown me that they care about the future of our province. I’ve yet to hear a single complaint about wearing a mask or staying home. Instead, everyone has been rallying behind a common goal. We speak of things “going back to normal” but equally, we talk about creating a more inclusive community where the needs of many are placed above the needs of a few.

This focus on community-care is what I hold onto.

Planning in the midst of uncertainty

As someone who is constantly planning, I’ve felt a bit stuck this year. I know I’m not alone in this, either. With everything placed on hold for the near future and the uncertainty about the state of the world, it hasn’t felt like the ideal environment to plan for the future.

Instead of writing out a list of goals or even intentions for the year, I decided to create a vision board on Pinterest. I did this for the first time last year, and I liked the process of pulling images together into a mood board in conjunction with a list of intentions for the year. I keep these vision boards private, as they are just for me, and every so often I go back to see if the images I chose at the beginning of the year still resonate with me.

This year, instead of choosing hard goals or intentions, I filled my vision board with images that inspire me and make me feel creative. My creativity has been seriously lacking this year and I’m hoping that in 2021 I can focus a little bit more of cultivating a routine that encourages me to be creative.

Well, there is is.

It seems like without even trying to, I’ve just realized that my word of the year should be CREATE. I’ve been trying to figure out what word I want at the heart of my intentions, and it looks like the decision has been made for me.

I want to follow my creativity and see where it leads me this year. My inner creator has always felt like a strong, soft-spoken guide, but I’ve stopped listening to it as intently as I did when I was a kid. I think I should focus on listening to that part of me this year.

I think I’ll leave this here. I did plan out what I wanted to say in this blog post but this discovery has sort of stopped me in my tracks. Liz Gilbert would say that this is ‘Big Magic’ nudging me towards my purpose and I’m not about to argue with that.

If you’re reading this, thank you. I’m sending you love and light in the greatest capacity. I hope you are well and continue to be well in 2021.

All my love.



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  1. Jenn Morrissy
    January 8, 2021 / 4:06 pm

    Yes!! It’s time to CREATE!!

    Love this…

    With love,

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