95 Years Young

95 Years Young

Can you imagine celebrating your 95th birthday? To be able to look back on all those years that you have lived and think about the years to come? At 18, it seems impossible that I’ll live that long. But if I do, I can only hope that I’m just as elegant and graceful as my Great Great Aunt Jess.

Because I’m living with my Great Aunt this summer, I’ve been spending a lot of Sunday afternoons with the elders of the family. It’s been really nice because they are getting to know me better, and I’m seeing sides of them that I never saw before. It also means that I was specially invited to Aunt Jess’s 95th birthday lunch.

I sat next to her at lunch and we chatted the whole time. She loves telling stories about Acton as she was growing up, and telling me all the funny things my Grandpa did as a kid. After lunch, we all went back to my Aunt Denise’s for tea and cake and I couldn’t help but watch her as the day wore on.

Sitting in her chair by the window, Aunt Jess looked almost regal in her royal blue silk jacket with the yellow and white rose corsage we gave her for her birthday. For a 95 year old, I cannot believe how healthy and strong she looks. Her face is full of colour and she takes such care to look her best every day. You can always count on her to have her hair done, a bright outfit and her best jewelry no matter what the occasion may be. Although she looks incredible, it’s really her humour that has always grabbed my attention.

Aunt Jess is full of sass. She speaks plainly and loves making people laugh. She is incredibly witty and always quick with a comeback. It doesn’t take much for her to throw her head back and laugh until everyone in the room has tears in their eyes and a stitch in her side. She doesn’t miss a thing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she lived to be 100. When I told her that, she just smiled and said, “Well, wouldn’t that be something”.

Is there someone in your family that inspires you?


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