Paris in Pictures

I think about jetting off on another adventure multiple times a day. It’s been months since we got back from Europe and I’m already itching to pack my suitcase. There are so many more places I still want to explore and also a lot of places I would like to return to.

It’s no surprise that Paris is at the top of my ‘return to’ list. It was one of the cities I was the most excited for and it did not disappoint. Paris was our busiest city because we only spent four days and made it our mission to do as much as possible. When I say we walked all over the city I really mean it. One day, we walked thirty-seven-thousand steps. Yes, 37K steps. My feet hurt for days!

Paris is beautiful, romantic and picturesque. There’s a pulsing energy to the streets that makes you feel free and ready for adventure. If you’ve been to Paris I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you haven’t, I highly recommend you add it to your bucket list.

We tried our best to capture some of the beauty with our camera but I found it extremely difficult. It’s like Paris was too big — my camera just couldn’t handle it. We tried our best and the following pictures are the pieces we managed to bring home with us. Next time, I’m bringing my new wide angle lens in the hopes that I’ll be able to fit more in each frame.


The four days are a blur of art galleries and eating delicious Maison George macarons. We didn’t have enough time to dive in and just experience the city because we were so busy moving from place to place. But someday, I hope I can spend time enough time to just exist in Paris.

À bientôt, Paris. Tu me manques. 







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