Al Fresco Birthday Celebration


Let me preface this by saying that had been planning my birthday dinner all summer long. When I say all summer, I mean all summer. I think I started planning in June when we signed our lease for the apartment because I was inspired by the green backyard and picnic table. A few months later, and 73 pins on this board  it was finally time for all my ideas to be actualized!

I didn’t get a chance to complete all of the projects I wanted for this party because I got way too ambitious, but I still think that everything looked lovely. The great thing was that I didn’t have to go out of my way to buy anything crazy to create the simple tablescape, and I found most of the things I needed around my home and at the thrift store.

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21 Lessons in 21 Years


It’s my 21st birthday! Well, it was my birthday on Friday. For whatever reason, turning 21 feels like a really big milestone to me. I finally feel properly in my 20s now. That may sound weird, but somehow I always thought of 20 as part of the teenage years, and 21 feels like a brand new chapter. Like I’ve walked through the place of no return, and I’m on the other side staring back at teenage Row and her waist long hair and newly pierced nose.

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Little Life Update


Happy September! I can’t believe how quickly the summer months flew by. I’m definitely not ready for the colder weather, but I do love autumnal decor and fashion because I love being cozy. Anyways, I’m totally off topic.

The start of the school year feels bittersweet this year because I am going into my fourth and final year of university. I still feel like I’ve just started University, and it’s crazy to me that I’m nearly done. I’m excited to see how this year unfolds, but I’m also pretty nervous about fourth year.

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A Blogging Failure


I have been planning this move for months. We originally thought we’d be moving in May, which means I started to think about moving in January… AKA 9 months ago. You’d think that 9 months would be enough time for me to think about having all the necessary equipment lined up so that my blog posts about moving could be as professional and helpful as possible. But apparently not!

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How to Keep Your Sanity While Moving + FREE PRINTABLE


Oh the joys of moving house. You spend days and weeks finding the perfect home to buy or rent and get your heart-broken when things just doesn’t work out. After the stress and the tears you finally find the home that makes your heart flutter and you just know it’s meant to be. Then comes the wondrous moment when you can finally seal the deal with a flourish of a pen and a pristine new cheque. All the sudden this wave of relief floods over you and you tell yourself that the hardest part is over.

Well. It isn’t. Nice try.

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Five Happy Things #15


Where is the time going? The summer is practically over and I’m not ready to go back to class. Maybe I’ll feel a little bit better about the whole thing after I get this moving process over, but for right now I’m ready to put on the breaks, and enjoy the sun. The whole week felt pretty uneventful as I spent hours packing and talking on the phone to complete the boring yet vital ticks on my to-do list. But of course, splashed in between all the craziness, I did manage to have some fun.

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Seaside Sunset & Chocolate Cake | Vlog #1


I’ve mentioned before that I love watching vlogs, and said that I wanted to start vlogging on my 101 Things in 1001 Days post. Well, here is my first attempt! Adam and I took a little hike in Herring Cove last night and watched as the sun set over the ocean. It was so beautiful and although I wasn’t planning on filming anything when I brought my camera with us, I’m so glad I pressed record! I just had to capture the beautiful evening lighting. So. Here it is! A little summary of our hike and relaxing evening set to music.

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Five Happy Things #14


We are back in Halifax! It was such a bittersweet ending to a wonderful trip home. On one hand, I’m happy to be home but on the other hand, I already miss my lovely Toronto friends and family. My friends in Toronto inspire me and make me so proud. Over the past few years everyone has come so far, and I love catching up with them to see how they’ve grown into incredible people. I am so blessed! This weekly post is going to be a combination of the past two weeks because I missed last week (sorry!). In my defence, I was on the road and spent the whole week packing up. But enough of my excuses… Let’s explore all the wonderful things that made me smile recently.

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Top 5 Favourite Interior Design Books


If I could spend every evening flipping through interior design books with a cup of tea in hand, I would. Reading always pulls me into a different world no matter what book I pick up, but I always feel like I’m being immersed in my own personalised dreamland when I crack open a design book. Over the past few years I’ve been slowly picking up the books on my (ever-growing) wish list and am so happy with my current collection!

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Vintage Treasures


I love finding unique vintage pieces to bring into my home because they add so much depth and character. Aberfoyle Antique Market is by far my favourite place to look around and is always on my list of things to do when I get to Ontario. The atmosphere is lovely, the people are always so kind, and the treasures are endless (and the prices are great!). I had been anxiously waiting to visit all year round, and was over the moon when my Aunt Pat agreed to go with me last Sunday.

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