How my journalism degree made me a better blogger


I started Sincerely, Rowan almost four years ago because I was feeling overwhelmed after my first year of university and thought blogging would be a good way to practice my writing. I’d spent a year trying to find a balance between writing lengthy essays on philosophy and short news stories for journalism, and let me tell you… the end result was not pretty.

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When in doubt, travel


Life is moving full-speed ahead at the moment. My final classes are behind me, and graduation is a week away… but I’m still so mentally exhausted from the year that I haven’t even had a chance to step back and enjoy the satisfaction of being completely free. I’m calling this sensation the “undergrad hangover” because I feel a little dizzy, very tired and somewhat confused.

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Make social media social


Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Sincerely, Rowan! On a Sunday afternoon — after months of planning and fiddling with every setting under the sun — I decided to just hit publish… and I’m so glad I did.

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Bullet Journal First Impressions

After a couple months of pondering, endless hours spent watching flip through videos and a little bit of shopping on Amazon… I finally started a bullet journal!

Bullet journaling has been around for a couple years now, but the idea really exploded in the last year or so. After a very brief conversation with my friend Lindsay, I caved and decided to give it a go.

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The Perks of Relaxing

You’ve had a long day. Your muscles are tired from sitting hunched over a laptop and you can feel the tension creeping up into your temples causing a slow, dull ache.

Shutting your laptop with a snap, you walk into the bathroom, light a couple candles and turn the hot water on.

With the tub filled to the brim you slowly dip your feet into the warm water, lowering your whole body until you’re fully submerged. Ahhhhh…

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Be weird. Be kind. Be you.


My self-esteem and confidence levels have been pretty low lately. You may notice that even though I post pictures online all the time it’s rare for a photo of my face to make an appearance. The truth is, I’ve never been this unhappy with the way I look.

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Why I’m a wallpaper convert


I’m currently sitting in Lucky Penny — one of Halifax’s many adorable cafes. I’ve been seeing this place all over Instagram lately, and because it was dreary outside and I’m in desperate need of some inspiration I thought I’d spent a couple hours here with my laptop trying to get some work done. Not to mention the fact that I’m always up for a yummy chai latte… And let me tell you, if you’re a chai latte lover you’ll love Lucky Penny.

It didn’t take me a long time to figure out why this place has become so popular. The treats are delicious and the decor is beautiful. Why you may ask? Three words. Dark. Floral. Wallpaper.

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Out with the old, in with the new


Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing holiday after the difficult year we just had. In my personal life, 2016 was an okay year. It definitely wasn’t one for the books, but it did make me feel grateful for all the incredible things and people that have in my life.

2016 was a year filled with upsetting celebrity deaths, political unrest, fear and anxiety. We lost a lot of people that we knew through our favourite albums and films, and wept for the lives lost in senseless hate crimes and in war zones. In Canada, we had to sit back and watch as our neighbour voted for a man who makes us terrified for the future.

In 2016 we took three steps back. But in 2017 let’s take a few steps forward. Starting with our homes! There’s a lot a changing in 2017 when it comes to interior design.

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Thrift Haul & DIY Hanging Lamp


I don’t think I’ve ever walked into a Value Village without walking out with a couple bags full of items. Which is exactly what happened when I decided to go to the 50% off sale at Value Village back at the end of August. What I didn’t know was that the sale excluded homeware and books — which of course is what I was buying. 

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