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Kitchen Renovation

We decided the kitchen “renovation” would be our very first major project in the house because we knew it would be quite time-consuming. I say “renovation” in quotation marks because we’re not ripping anything out and all the cabinets, appliances and countertops are staying put.

The first thing on our list is to paint the cabinets. Adam has been obsessively watching cabinet painting tutorials on YouTube for weeks so hopefully, it goes well!

I have a very strong vision for the kitchen “renovation”. Right now, the entire kitchen feels like it’s one colour. With the timber ceilings, the hardwood floors and the wood cabinets everything looks very orange. Orange has never been my colour so I’m hoping that when we paint the cabinets that it will tone the wood tones down a bit.

Kitchen Renovation

Bringing in some colour

I think when people think about painting their cabinets they automatically choose to go white. Most of the main floor is pretty open so I know that we’ll probably keep the walls a nice, warm white shade. This means the kitchen needs to pop!

We decided to go for a soft muted mint green! Paired with cognac (faux) leather bar stools, pops of mustard yellow in the textiles and black hardware, this scheme is my perfect mix of modern-Scandinavian and rustic-farmhouse styles.

The colour we’ve chosen is based on ‘Mizzle’ by Farrow & Ball. We were able to get a perfect colour match at Home Depot thanks to their team and we chose to go with Behr for the base

Trying our hand at tiling

The other major change we’re making is adding a backsplash! Adam and I have never tiled before, but thanks to YouTube University (AKA watching allll the tutorials) we’re feeling pretty confident that we can make it work.

To keep with our theme, we are going with a simple subway tile backsplash. Subway tile is classic and clean. It’s popular because it works with every space and I think that it works equally well in a farmhouse style kitchen and a Scandinavian style kitchen.

The kitchen cabinet doors are a little more decorative than I would have chosen and the colour is definitely going to pop. The simple lines of the tile will bring it all together and update the whole room. It’s all about striking the perfect balance between enhancing what already exists in the house and introducing our style.

By the end, I hope our kitchen feels bright and open and a little unexpected. It’s the first thing you see when you come into the house and I love that it’s playful and fresh. It’s my hope that the kitchen gives our guests a little taste of what to expect in the rest of our home!

What do you think of our kitchen “renovation”? Are you ready for the big reveal? I’ll be posting sneak peeks on Instagram!

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