Our Game Plan for the New House

new house

Now that we’re officially moved into our new house, it’s time to tackle projects that will make this house feel like home.

It will come as no surprise to hear my brain is full of ideas for this home. Which, side note, makes falling asleep quite difficult right now.

For the first time ever, we have all the time in the world to make this house a home! We’ve never lived in any of our apartments for more than a year and a half. I’m so used to moving out before I’ve had the chance to “finish” the space.

The truth is, there isn’t much that seriously needs to change. For the most part, a bit (or a lot) of paint will do the trick beautifully! There are so many elements of this house that I’ve completely fallen in love with. I’m so grateful to the previous owners for keeping the whole house in such good condition. The sentimentalist in me feels like it was waiting for us to add a bit of polish to make it shine again.

The Kitchen

For starters, I’ve NEVER lived in a house with such a large kitchen. We have more than enough counter space and most of the cupboards are half empty. Luxury compared to our last few apartments!

The first major project we want to tackle is painting the kitchen cabinets. They’re in good shape but the natural wood tone is quite orange and I think a bit of paint will go a long way. And by a bit of paint, I actually mean a whole heap of paint because we’ve already bought the supplies and this is going to take a lot of work. I don’t think we understand just how time-consuming it’s going to be, but we’ve chosen it as our first project so we get the tough job done first and done right. Wish us luck!

We would also like to add a backsplash to the kitchen as we currently don’t have one. I think a simple subway tile would be an easy addition as this will be our first time tiling! I know most people think subway tile has been done to death, but I do love the classic look and it fits in our budget. Plus, there is so much going on with the kitchen cabinets that I’d like to introduce some clean lines.

Our Bedroom

I think the bedroom is usually the most neglected room in a home. Most people start the decorating process with their living rooms and kitchens first. The idea being that the master bedroom won’t be seen by guests or anyone else. But there’s nothing worse than retiring to a dingy bedroom at the end of a day of projects, and I want to make sure the bedroom gets proper attention before we worry about the rest of the house.

I can attest to this myself because we have NEVER put proper thought into decorating our bedroom and it makes me feel a bit unsettled. We typically just throw in basic furniture, leave the walls blank and added a spare throw cushion to the bed. I think designing out bedroom with purpose will turn it into a really relaxing space.

new house

My Office

A very important room at the moment for most people! The office was the room we slapped together as quickly as possible so that I could get back to work. We basically shoved all of my decorative pieces and books in the room with my desk and it’s already feeling quite cluttered because of the sheer amount of stuff in it. I’d love to get some paint on the walls and put some pictures up on the wall so it feels a little bit more permanent.

I want to focus on the rooms that we use the most, first. I’m currently spending 8+ hours a day working from my desk so it’s really important for me to get it sorted! I definitely need to pair down all of my trinkets to figure out what I want to keep in that room and what I want to save for other rooms in the house.

The Living room(s)

I never thought I’d say this, but we actually have two living rooms! One living room we’re hoping will be more formal and the other will be our TV room. I’m currently spending more time in the “formal” living room because our comfy couch fits really well in the space and I love staring at our fireplace. But the TV room, which we actually call the sunroom because of the skylights, is in need of a lot of work.

At the moment, the room is mostly filled with tools and we’ve stuck our old futon and our TV in there. Every time we try to watch TV or a movie I end up with a sore back because it’s so uncomfortable. I think the first piece of furniture we’ll buy for the house is a sectional couch for that room. It’s so beautiful with a view of the lake and I just love how the light streams in all day long. It’s a large room and I have a feeling it will be the most expensive to put together.

The Bathroom

Our upstairs bathroom is the only room in the house we’re thinking about gutting completely. It’s already a nice bathroom with a big vanity and standing shower, but it’s missing a very important element: a bathtub.

This is the project that is probably not going to happen for a while because we need to save up, but I desperately miss having a tub. We have a few ideas for how we’d like it to look, but I’m sure I’ll talk about that more when we’re closer to the renovation.

So… Just a few projects! It shouldn’t be too hard! We’ll be done next week, won’t we?

…Definitely not.

I’ve chosen most of the paint colours for the house and we’ve already picked them up from the hardware store. We just have to start!

Wish us luck! I’ll be posting more updates on my Instagram page especially on my Stories.

Big hugs. I hope everyone is staying safe.




  1. Alyssa W
    May 4, 2020 / 10:41 am

    Your home looks BEAUTIFUL and GOALS!! Love love love can’t wait to see what your creative mind does with it 💛

    • May 4, 2020 / 11:25 am

      Thank you so much, Alyssa! It’s going to be a long process but I’m so excited to share all of the details!

  2. the mom
    May 4, 2020 / 9:49 am

    Your home looks so fresh and dreamy! Can’t wait to visit!

    • May 4, 2020 / 10:37 am

      I can’t wait for you to come over! It would be so fun to see you. Big hugs, Mom <3

  3. Mary Ann Trevors
    May 4, 2020 / 7:59 am

    Can’t wait for a tour of your lovely new home and see all your improvements, in person. Until then … happy dreaming and happy painting !!!

    • May 4, 2020 / 10:37 am

      We can’t wait to have you over for dinner so you can see it! Big hugs xo

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