November Review & Favourites

November Review & Favourites

November was a big month for me. For the first time since moving to Ottawa, I feel like I found my groove. Re-designing my blog was like a makeover I didn’t know I needed.  It’s been hard for me to find my rhythm with my blog lately, but this refresh made everything click into place. Not only that, but it helped the rest of my life click a bit better too. My productivity and confidence at work is better and I feel like I’m happier because I’m proud of my blog again. What a way to start the month!

Moving forward, I’d like to take the time each month to reflect a little bit on my progress and favourite moments. Reflection is so important for our mental health and self-discovery. This blog is a place for me to share my ideas and creativity and I want reflection to play a part in this process to add a more meaningful level to my work.

Work-wise, I’ve been busy juggling two jobs and this blog. It’s safe to say that my social calendar has been quite empty. To remedy this, my best friend came to visit mid-way through the month! Living in a new city can be lonely but having a friendly face was exactly what I needed. We had a girly weekend together and I already miss having her around — until next time!

Now onto the favourites:

01 | The Heart of It Podcast

I’ve been following Estee Lalonde for over four years now but didn’t really know what to expect with her new podcast “The Heart of It”. But I was blown away! Her interviews are informative and easy to listen to, and I love that more of her personality is starting to show through. I love listening to podcasts while I work and I always look forward to Wednesday’s because I know it’s coming out. Produced by a bad a** female production team, the stories are real, raw, and empowering. Take a listen here.

02 | I’m officially gluten-free

I’ve known that I’m sensitive to gluten since high school and yet I still have not mastered the art of completely staying away from it. What can I say? I love bread! It’s so hard! But what’s even harder is dealing with headaches and stomach aches that I know I can avoid. It might sound silly, but it’s been well over a month since I last indulged in good ole gluten and I’m feeling great — especially because I’ve been making these amazing coconut flour pumpkin muffins a couple times a week.

03 | Unapologetically, Kelsea Ballerini

I saw Kelsea Ballerini open for Lady Antebellum in September and she blew me away. She’s an amazing performer and I loved all the new songs she previewed for us. I bought her album straight away when it came out on November 3rd and have had it on repeat all day, every day. It’s an easy album to listen to and I can’t help but sing along to every song.

04 | Yoga with Adriene

I’ve been doing Yoga with Adriene videos for over a year. They’re always my go-to for a morning workout and I love that she has a yoga practice for every situation: need a good stretch? Period cramps? Migraine? Stiff back? She’s got you covered. My new favourite video is her Yoga Morning Fresh. It’s only 36 minutes long and I always feel ready to tackle the day afterward.

People keep talking about how quickly November flew by this year, but for me it was a slow month. Not because I wasn’t doing anything, but because I was so focused on giving 100% of myself into each task that the days felt long and productive. This is the kind of busy life I aspire to hold onto. The kind of busy that makes me feel proud and accomplished without wearing me thin.

I never used to like November, but things change. Here’s to many more.





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