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Living away from home for the past three years means I’ve missed so many birthdays, holidays and countless other important moments. I’ve had to watch from afar as my family adjusts to their new life in Atlanta, and try to keep up with their busy and full life. Which is why this long trip home is so special.

I’ve been here for a couple days now desperately trying to keep up with all the incredible things my family is doing. I watched my little brother get up on stage smiling and strong with his circus group, my sister and Dad perform in front of thousands of people as an opener for Lisa Kelly, and now today is Mother’s Day and I was able to sit down and enjoy the morning with everyone for the first time in a while. I don’t think I’ve been home for Mother’s Day since high school, but it’s been a nice reminder that even though my family has adjusted to this new life that I’m only a guest in, nothing important has really changed.

(Photo by: Rowan Morrissy)

Bella is still the little goofball she has always been, Levi is perpetually grumpy, Dad is usually humming or whistling and Mom is running all around us keeping us grounded.

I am lucky to say that my Mom stayed home my entire life. She made my lunch, brought me to and from school, and was always around to hang out for 17 years. I remember when I was really little my Mom would pick me up from school and instead of going over to a friends house to play, I used to get excited to go home and play with her. I had friends who got jealous because my Mom was always there to pick me up at the end of the day instead of a nanny or going to daycare.

My childhood is full of happy memories and for that I will always be grateful. I always had someone to lean on, someone who loves my siblings and I, who showed us that everyone deserves kindness and respect. My Mom taught us to be open and loving, strong and intelligent and to follow our hearts reminding us constantly that “everything will work out”.


Living away from home is so hard sometimes. People and life get in the way and it’s easy to feel lost at university. It is always so comforting knowing that at the end of the day if I need help, my Mom is just a phone call away.

But being a mother isn’t the only thing that defines her… There is a reason why she is “Super Mom” in my phone!

Between running a household and supporting all of us, my Mom is an incredible athlete. She is passionate about fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Trust me… You do not want to challenge her to a race or an arm wrestle because she will beat you. She can kick my butt at soccer (or any sport for that matter) with her eyes closed, do 60 push ups no problem and can run for hours at a time. And if you let her, she will go on for hours discussing the benefits of a Paleo lifestyle and how gluten is evil.


These past few years have been so hard. We’ve all experienced heartbreaking loss, amazing triumphs and everything in between. We may live in different countries, love different kinds of music and only see each other three times a year… But on this Mother’s Day I am so incredibly grateful to have such an inspiring, loving and intelligent role model to look up to for the rest of my life.

Mom, I love you more than you know. Thanks for being my Super Mom.

Forever and Always,


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