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If you know me well, you would know that I spend a considerable amount of time reading blogs and watching my favourite vloggers on YouTube.

I actually remember the first video I ever watched on YouTube. It was right after High School Musical 2 came out and I reallllly wanted to learn “Gotta Go My Own Way”. When I googled the lyrics a karaoke version of the song came up in my search and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I can do karaoke on the internet!? My poor parents. I wonder how many times I sang along to that song. Good times…

I was hooked; I watched music videos, sang karaoke and looked up covers of my favourite songs on YouTube. It was exciting to find new musicians to listen too, and I used to think I was so cool for finding soft acoustic versions of pop songs that no one else listened to (Boyce Avenue though…). It didn’t take long for me to find my way into the world of lifestyle & beauty videos, and I’m still obsessed.

Even though there are certain people that I have been watching for years, I still get excited whenever I see that they’ve uploaded a new video. Now as a blogger myself, I find it even more fun to read through people’s thoughts or watch their lives on a screen. I absolutely love watching vlogs, because I find it so interesting to see a little glimpse into how people live their lives. Here are a few of my favourites at the moment.

Beauty Vloggers

Estée Lalonde. Shout out to my friend Lindsay for introducing me to this gem! Estée has been one of my absolute favourite for years! I love her quirky personality, her home decor style and her beautiful greyhound Reggie. I especially love to watch her vlogs because they are basically an even split between her and her boyfriend Aslan. The two of them always make me laugh. She’s also Canadian! I feel like I could go on and and on.

Zoe Sugg. I feel like SO many people would agree with me when I say that I just want to be Zoe’s friend. She seems like such a lovely person all around, and I feel like we would get along quite well. I’m definitely the one person out of my friends who goes way overboard with decorations and making everything look super cute so whenever Zoe talks about making a blanket fort or goes into her baking cupboard during her vlogs I just sit there nodding my head.

Lifestyle Vloggers

Katy Bellotte. Katy and I are about the same age, and I have been following her since I was about 15. With every new video she speaks openly about the troubles facing young women and always puts out a positive message about being yourself. I love that she just sits in front of a camera and talks to her viewers as honestly as she can. Her new blog The Katy Project is incredibly well written and full of personal stories and wisdom. She just published a new post about modern romance and hit the nail right on the head (as per usual).

Aspyn & Parker. I think everyone fell in love with Aspyn & Parker when they got engaged last summer. I was definitely one of those crazy people who turned on notifications and waited to hear every detail about their wedding plans, the honeymoon and the house that they were building. I’ve been watching their vlogs ever since. I think it’s so fun to watch as they start their life together and grow up in front of an audience.

DIY & Interior Design Vloggers

The Sorry Girls. Another Canadian channel! I’ve mentioned The Sorry Girls before, but they are a DIY duo from Toronto that make amazing videos. They just did a DIY Dorm room makeover recently and it was amazing! I have been watching their videos for years and it’s so great to see their channel grow.

Mr.Kate. This is a fairly new channel for me, but I’m obsessed. Kate and her team do these awesome room challenge videos and really cheap and chic DIY’s. She also does fashion lookbooks, make up tutorials and has an awesome handmade jewelry range. I love the quirky creative DIY’s and seriously wish I could be part of the Mr.Kate Studios team… Because, why not?

Who are your favourite YouTubers?



  1. July 29, 2016 / 5:59 pm

    I really need to look into Mr Kate! I’d love to do more DIY type things!

    Corinne x

    • rowan
      August 2, 2016 / 9:08 am

      You should! She’s hilarious and has amazing ideas. Thanks for reading!
      xo, Rowan

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