Morning Musings: The Waiting Game

Morning Musings: The Waiting Game
Sometimes I feel like I’m always waiting for something to happen. Whether it’s something as small as waiting for the weekend, or as big as waiting to pack my bags and move into my next temporary home; I never quite feel like I’m in the present.

It seems like I have been waiting all year to be back in Toronto. Now, here I am in Toronto, waiting to go back to Halifax. No matter where I am, I am always anticipating my next flight or next move.
One of the worst things (in my opinion) about our society is that we all live like this. We don’t know how to appreciate the present because we are preoccupied with the future. The idea of “living in the moment” has become such a cliché because we don’t know how to do that naturally.
All I can think about right now is how excited I am to return to Halifax so I can decorate the house I’m sharing with Adam and Nora. But if you had asked me a month ago I would have told you how excited I was to leave Halifax. Am I unable to appreciate one place at a time? Or will I always feel this need to constantly distract myself from my surroundings in order to dream about where I will find myself next?
This doesn’t just apply to my ridiculous travel schedule between Toronto, Halifax and Atlanta. This is also about the number of times I’ve tried to start an exercise schedule and decided to “wait until summer” or “wait until I have more time”. Or how I put off doing things while I wait for the perfect moment. I feel like I daydream so much about what I’m going to do in a couple weeks or months that I’ve forgotten how to do things now.
There is no perfect moment, and I’m getting tired of this waiting game.
Do you find yourself stuck in the waiting game? 

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