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Happy March! I’m already feeling so refreshed and energized now that the days are longer and my mornings are sunny again. Spring is on its way and I’m so ready for it.

For my February goals, I wanted to try out the keto diet, continue my daily yoga practice and make time for DIY projects. I feel like I did pretty well with making time for DIY because I made a solid effort to be more creative and make more time for play. This became a big priority for me after I read “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert; her thoughts on the energy in the universe and making time for creativity really inspired me.

This month, I’m shifting the focus ever so slightly to focus on limiting the stress in my life. Let’s see how I do!

01 | Spending Ban

Let’s just say that two months without a job takes its toll on the ol’ bank account. When I quit my job at the end of December I had saved up an emergency fund to last me a couple months of unemployment. Now that I have a new job (weeee) I’m trying to find extra money where I can to put on my student loan because it’s really starting to stress me out. Other than essentials like shampoo and groceries I’m not going to be any spending extra money! This is going to be difficult because I already want to buy every single product at the store I’m working for. Let’s hope I succeed with this goal!

02 | Exercise on my days off

It might seem weird to some, but the last time I had a job outside of my house was about four years ago! Now that I’m working on my feet all day, I come home absolutely exhausted after an 8-hour shift. At first, I was trying to stick with my usual routine of doing some sort of exercise every day but it was too much too soon. Instead of stressing out about it, I’m only going to make sure that I exercise on days that I’m not working. If I decide to get a work out in before or after work that’s great! But for now, I’ll stick to three great workouts a week instead of five mediocre ones.

03 | Bring back my Sunday routine

For a solid four months every single Sunday I would wash my sheets, chop veggies for meal prepping and treat myself to a pamper night of a face mask and bath. It was my little Sunday ritual and it made me feel so good! No matter what happened in the week before I found that setting up a regular routine helped me refocus for the week and made my Monday morning’s so much more relaxing and productive. I don’t think I stuck to my Sunday routine for the whole month of February and I really noticed a difference. I was actually inspired by Oprah to bring back my me-time because of her book “What I Know For Sure” because she talks about how sacred her Sundays are.


Having these goals makes me even more excited for the month. I think having a spending ban will make me feel good about my financial decisions, and I know that I’ll still be getting the exercise I need without driving myself into the ground. I also just noticed that I quoted two books in this blog post and I love how my reading challenge has become a part of my everyday life. If you didn’t know, I set a Reading Challenge on Goodreads for 2018 to read 100 books! I’ve finished 16 so far and I’m loving every second of it.

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