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living colourfully

A couple years ago I was pounding out two to three blog posts a week and lately, I’m lucky if I get one post up a month! Working two jobs is definitely taking its toll on me. Whenever I’m busy I find that updating my home is a great way to feel refreshed and inspired when my schedule is bringing me down. And what better way to lift myself up than by introducing some new colourful pieces for spring!

In my last blog post, the Spring Homeware Wishlist, I gave you guys a little look at the colours and decor pieces that are inspiring me as of late. Well, even before I clicked ‘publish’ most of those pieces were already on their way to my flat! I couldn’t help treating myself to a few new bits and pieces.

Not a mellow yellow.

Can you spot a trend? I might be sliiiightly obsessed with the colour yellow at the moment. And not a light pastel like something your Grandma probably has on her wall, but a robust, mustard yellow that completely commands your attention. Our living room (which to be fair is basically our whole apartment) is awash in this happy colour and I can’t help but smile every time I walk into our home.

The sunny yellow brightens my mood even on the gloomiest of days and I love the mix of patterns and textures we have going on. All the new cushion covers are from H&M Home and the links are included in my last blog post! Paired with the cushion inserts I purchased a couple of years ago from IKEA, each pillow costs about $25 which is cheaper than HomeSense! I’d much rather spend $10-$15 replacing covers depending on the season than buying a whole pillow.

It’s all in the details.

The main feature of my colourful additions are definitely the pillows. But sprinkled in amongst the colourful yellow and mint cushions, I’ve also scoured local thrift stores for mustard accents to pull the colour all around the room. My favourite find is the piano music I found in a box of records. I love the look of aged music, and it reminds me of all the years of piano lessons I took. I’m actually surprised that it matches so well in the space because I bought it before the pillows were even on my radar. The pop of colour and height amongst the plants works really well.

Another addition that I haven’t had time to talk about is this little floating shelf we bought a couple months ago from IKEA. We needed something on the wall above our TV and I thought that this would be a cheap addition. To fill the shelf, I brought out some plants, vintage books and some other quirky finds to complete the look.

I haven’t exactly decided which pillows to keep on the couch and which to use on our bed. Our flat is basically one room so having similar colour schemes in our bedroom and living room is the easiest way to find some cohesion and simplicity in the small space. I think these pillows prove that I was never meant to be a minimalist because I feel so much better now that the monochrome palette is a thing of the past.

What do you think of the bold yellow in our living room? Is this a colour you’d add to your space?

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