The Importance of Knowing When to Let Go

The Importance of Knowing When to Let Go
At some point in our lives, there will be a time when we find ourselves saying goodbye to someone that is important to us. This could be as final as a breakup, or as temporary as taking space for a few months to collect yourself.
We’ve heard it countless times: in order to make ourselves happy, we need to do everything we can to let go of negative influences. As much as it hurts, sometimes this means letting go of someone you care about.

There are six weeks left in the school year before exams start. In that time, I will be moving slowly into my new house for next year. It is a lovely two story house, that has been completely renovated, and I have to say… I’m over the moon about it.

As soon as March 1st rolled around, I felt a sense of relief. This relief was short-lived, however, because I realized that although I had carefully thought through how I was going to execute this move, that the time is now. I can’t stall any longer without hurting myself more than I feel like I have been hurt, or hurting those around me.

Right now, I cannot tell you how important it is for me to make a move, and to have a fresh start. If I want to fix some mistakes I’ve made or harsh words I’ve said, I need to take some time and separate myself from the negativity I’ve experienced in these past few months.

This is not to say that I will be turning away completely from friendships and memories that I’ve made over the years. By letting go, extracting myself from the situation, and taking some time to think, I hope that I’ll be able to let go of the negativity that has clouded my mind for months and eventually bring myself back to the beginning.

Maybe I’m ready to pack my things and move into a brand new apartment. A fresh start. But I’m certainly not ready to completely let go of the people who have been in my life for years.

Truth is, I’m nervous. It’s hard. It’s emotional. But this is just one of those selfish decisions that you have to make on your journey to the elusive ‘happiness’.

Who knows what else I’ll find along the way.

How do you let go?


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