July Goals.

I’m an incredibly talented list writer. Give me something to write into bullet points and I will have my favourite stationery and Muji pen at the ready before you can blink an eye. But actually completing all the tasks on a list? That’s where I need some good old accountability — and writing my list of goals for the internet to read seems like a pretty good start.

We’ve had a crazy year so far and we’re only halfway through. I’ve travelled to Atlanta, New York City, Toronto, Lisbon, Manchester and London, started a new job and adopted a puppy all in six months. These are all amazing life moments but I’m ready to hunker down for the rest of the year and work on some goals that have been weighing on me for a few months.

01 | Schedule e-learning time

I recently purchased a set of e-learning courses from the Bundle Co. These courses are digital marketing and content strategy based and will teach me (or give me a refresher) on everything from copy-writing to Pinterest strategy to WordPress Essentials. I’ve already completed two courses and found them to be extremely helpful! With my Dad’s voice in my mind I’ve scheduled time over the next month or so to dedicate to completing these courses. Let’s see how much I can learn in July!

02 | Ready, set, meal prep

We ate so much bread on our vacation. So. Much. Bread. And pastries, and chocolates. During our trip I made a promise to myself that I would come home and get back on a regular routine BUT then we adopted a puppy! My meal prepping dreams went out the window and it was a blessing if I managed to eat dinner some nights. Now that we’re in a normal routine it’s time to get back on track — my body is begging me for some fresh, homecooked meals.

03 | Celebrating the little moments

Our new puppy, Westley, learns so many new things every day and ever small act feels like cause for celebration. It’s so easy to get caught up in the tough stuff that sometimes I forget to celebrate the small things. Having this little monster has helped me recognize that I’m not great at celebrating the small moments… but it’s also made me aware of the small moments and how magical they are.

That’s all from me! What are your goals for July?


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