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Hello, lovely readers of Sincerely, Rowan! My name is Jennifer Lee and I am a pal of sweet Row from her university days.

A little bit about me: I, like the amazing creator of this blog, am a journalism grad from the University of King’s College where I met and fell in love with my best friend Rowan. I’m also in love with a little soap store called LUSH. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

In the LUSH universe, I’m what’s called a “lushie”. We lushies know the company like we work there (I’ve never worked at a LUSH, though I’ve tried) and have a personal stockpile of all the best goodies.

lush·ie | ləSHē/ noun

  1. A person that is either obsessed with or works for the fresh handmade cosmetics store called LUSH.
  2. Jennifer Lee

If you’re like me, you know the best time of year at LUSH is the holidays. This year, LUSH released dozens of new (and returning) products for their holiday line and wow I have already spent so much money on all of them.

I’ve always wanted to do a review on LUSH products so when Rowan asked if I wanted to do a holiday LUSH post she was met with an immediate YEAH.

I use their bath products most often. Bubble bars, bath bombs (which LUSH invented by the way) and bath melts are a staple in my collection.

There’s no variety here, I’m exclusively reviewing the bath bombs and a few luxury melts from their 2017 Holiday collection — I like what I like and what I like is literally pouring my money down the drain.

Lets do this:


Star Light Star Bright luxury bath melt

Not to start on a negative note. But this new bath melt was over-hyped in my humble opinion. I was immediately drawn to this bad boy because it is covered in shimmery silver glitter and oozes out blue, pink and purple—keeping in line with that galaxy aesthetic we’re seeing everywhere. Mine was probably a dud but this ginger-scented melt sank to the bottom and turned the water a milky lavender-y grey colour. 



Shoot for the Stars bath bomb

This is one of those bath bombs I always forget about amongst the hub-bub of all the other pretty colours and smells during Christmas. And that’s a damn travesty because this one a gem.

This guy is a retuning goodie for the holidays and it smells SO sweet. It shares its scent with the ‘Honey I Washed the Kids’ solid soap which smells like toffee and well, honey. She’s a fast fizzer too but has little star-shaped oils that hang out with you for a while. If you’re like me, they’ll smell so good to you; you’ll want to pop one in your mouth. I’m also a sucker for that blue and gold combo.

Snow Angel luxury bath melt

I paired this glittery gal with the Sunnyside Bubble bar and wow-wee was it decadent. I’m not usually big on the bath melts, I find they leave a slippery film on my tub and take too long to fizz out but I placed this one on top of my cloud of bubbles and let it do its thing and it was actually quite spectacular. But anything with gold glitter is a winner for me.



Thundersnow bath bomb

This is a brand new bath bomb for LUSH and boy-oh-boy do I hope they keep it around after the holidays. This little bath bomb looks like a small planet Earth and when you throw it in the tub it dissolves into a blue and green storm that smells like rich mint chocolate … and wait, what’s that sound- is that- popping candy I hear crackling? It’s a treat for all the senses! Except, like, taste I guess.



Golden Wonder bath bomb

Another returning favourite of mine. This adorable little present puts on quite the show with loads of luster, golden stars, and fizzers of blue, yellow and pink add a fun surprise. I always like using this bomb during the daytime so the natural light illuminates my mermaid waters.

You can also buy a giant one of these online, its three times the size of the original and has so much glitter in it that you will be sparkling into the new year.



Christmas Sweater bath bomb

This one smells like Dr. Pepper and that reminds me of a time in middle school when a kid from the French class sold Dr. Pepper out of his locker and “getting peppered” was a thing among our grade. He had such a lucrative business until the teachers shut him down because apparently that’s illegal at school and I haven’t had Dr. Pepper since.

Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb

This is a lovely rainbow fizzer perfect for the gram. Part of me should love this one way more than I should. It shares its scent with the Twilight bath bomb, which is my absolute favourite of LUSH bath bombs, the light lavender scent is what got me hooked on LUSH and is my go-to soak for when I’m feeling hella frazzeled.

Fun fact: I first walked into a LUSH store while going through a rocky phase with my mental health. The girl working there must have seen my dead and puffy eyes and thought “damn this girl needs to relax”. So she sent me home with my first Twilight bath bomb and that night I took some serious steps toward adequate self-care and a financially crippling addiction to soaps.



Sherbet Dip bath bomb

This big, pill-shaped, lemon fizzer is supposed to be an uplifting throwback to those #summervibes. It’s an instant cure for anyone who is feeling SAD (seasonal affective disorder, that is) this winter. Hell, it may even replace your antidepressants.

Just kidding. Don’t do that. Take your meds.

I paired this one with some Woosh Shower Jelly just to add some suds to the water and I was very tempted to drink the bathwater. It smells like sweet lemonade and the lime green waters will remind you of warmer times.

So that’s it for today’s review. I know I’m missing some bath bombs, and I didn’t even scratch the surface of all the amazing stuff LUSH released for the holidays so if any of y’all want to see more LUSH posts from me, flood Rowan’s inbox and demand more. I’ll be waiting.

Happy soaking,


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