Friday Feeling | Canada Day Edition!

canada day


I probably should have taken some patriotic photos to suit the day… But we’ll just have to go with my Rifle Paper Company photo shoot instead. This is what happens when I’m not home! Oh well… Instead of talking about five things that happened this week, I think I’ll mention five moments where I felt proud of my country in 2015-16.

Voting in the Federal Election!

This election was the most important election I have ever had the pleasure of voting in. It was amazing to see how the youth of Canada stepped up to the challenge and voted for a better future. I couldn’t walk across campus, or log onto Facebook without seeing my peers sharing their political views and urging others to vote. It was wonderful to watch how Nova Scotia made it’s mark on the election by voting liberal in all ridings across the province.

“Because it’s 2015”!

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked why he opted for a gender-balanced cabinet, he simply said, “because it’s 2015”. This is an amazing victory for the country and a great step towards equality for all. Annnnd as a journalism student I can’t get enough of Trudeau quotes because like his father he always has the right thing to say to make our quote bells ring.

Welcoming Syrian Refugees!

The amount of pride I feel knowing that thousands of refugees have found a home in this country is overwhelming. I love hearing stories of communities all over Canada opening up their arms to welcome the new Canadians. This is the kindness that we are known internationally for and it is so important that we continue on with this legacy.

Gender neutral anthem!

Recently our national anthem ‘Oh Canada’ went through a slight editing process to make it gender neutral. The old, well-known lyric of “all our sons” has now been changed to “all of us” bringing our anthem into 2016 and showing acknowledgement for every Canadian.

Support for Fort McMurray!

When the fire in Fort McMurray displaced thousands of residence and tore through their homes, Canadians stepped up and sent money, resources, love and support to all of the people who were affected by the fire. It is in times of tragedy like this that hope is often found amongst the goodwill of others, and it was heartwarming to hear of the kind gestures made towards all the people affected.

Over the years my pride for being Canadian has only grown stronger. Flying home to Ontario this week has been a lovely reminder that there are many places in this country that I call my home.

Happy Canada Day everyone! Let’s go celebrate this beautiful country and the amazing things that are still to come.

Sincerely, Rowan

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