Friday Feeling | 6

Happy June! I feel like although we didn’t get out and do anything super crazy like see Carrie Underwood at the Grand Ole Opry or travel somewhere amazing… This week was actually pretty great. I feel like I got so much done! There were many a blog post written, I participated in quite a few blogger chats on twitter and facebook and got my house in order.

  1. Confidence! If you didn’t know, on Monday I participated in a twitter chat about confidence. It was really inspiring to chat with other women about what makes them feel confident and what situations may make them feel anything but. I walked away from the chat feeling inspired and wrote this post. Not only was the chat amazing, I also received a lot of positive feedback from the post and I am definitely feeling the love. My opinion of the blogger world right now basically resembles the heart eye emojii.
  2. Running! I can’t believe I am saying this. But I have forced myself to get up every morning this morning since Sunday to do a walk-run around the neighborhood. It takes me 20 minutes, and I come home sweaty and feeling like I’ve conquered the world before 9:00. I’ve never been a natural runner, and have intense calf cramps if I push myself so doing the walk-run thing has been a great way to ease myself into the practice of running.
  3. New apartment! We have had the absolute worst time finding an apartment! We were supposed to move out of our current house on May 1st, but because of sketchy landlords and other conundrums our landlord was sympathetic and has let us stay on until September. After months and months of searching (it’s been since December) we finally signed a lease today! Shout out to Adam for spending hours each day searching for something that we will love! I’m so ready to start brainstorming decor ideas for the new space….
  4. Taking baths! I’ve been trying to slow down my day after dinner to help me get to sleep better, and taking baths has been a huge part in slowing my brain down after a long day. I usually light a couple candles, fill my bath with hot water, add some epsom salts and lavender essential oil and leave my phone in the living room to have a half hour to relax and be alone with my thoughts.
  5. Journalling! This sort of goes along with my night time bath, but I’ve finally gotten back into writing in a journal before bed! I try to list all the things I’ve accomplished instead of focusing on what I didn’t do, and also talk about what I’m grateful for and whatever else is on my mind. I have a really hard time putting my brain to sleep at night and writing everything down helps get it out of my head and allows me to slow down.

As I read through these five things I notice that they all have to do with taking care of both my mental and physical well being which feels really good. After a chaotic and emotional year I think it’s important to have weeks where I stay home and work on myself. Pushing myself to run in the mornings and turning my phone on airplane mode at 9:00 have really helped me slow down and get back on track. Hopefully these things stick! I shall keep you posted.

I hope you had a great week!

Sincerely, Rowan

PS: Did you notice anything new about my header? Sincerely, Rowan finally has a comma in it! Exciting times. It’s the little things people…

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