Friday Feeling | 4

Only one more weekend in Atlanta! This trip has gone by SO fast. I’m really excited though, because tomorrow I am on my way to Nashville! Then on Wednesday we fly back to Halifax. As sad as I am to leave my family, I am sort of homesick for our cute little house in Halifax. I am very excited to see my friends again and to be able to leave the house without needing a car!

  1. I cut my hair! Today was aΒ veryΒ big day for me because after at least 10 years of having extremely long hair, I cut most of it off! Around 13″ to be exact! I feel so much lighter and it’s kind of fun to go through such a major change. It’s going to take a long time to get used to it… I’m sure I’ll talk more about that later!
  2. Going on a picnic! A few days ago, Adam and I picked up some delicious sandwiches from a local bakery along with some other tasty treats and went on a little picnic to the local park! We couldn’t have picked a better day to go. It was so nice to sit outside in the sun for an afternoon.
  3. Willow! Since I’m usually not home, I don’t get to see my dog Willow very much anymore. Which means that while I’m home I’ve been trying to spend as much time with him as I can! He is such a little goof, but I have loved taking him on morning walks. It’s really hard to be sad or grumpy around this little guy because he just always looks so pitiful and it makes me laugh.
  4. Shopping! On Saturday Dad, Bella, Adam and I went out for a little shopping trip to the outlet mall. I got to help Bella pick out some new clothes, and bought some beautiful new luggage! We finished the day off with an evening at Gibb’s Garden to watch our friends perform some bluegrass music. All in all, a perfect day!
  5. Milton Chorus! I feel like every week since I’ve been here, we have been to some sort of event at the high school. This year was Levi’s last concert since he started singing in Grade 3. My Mom got pretty emotional about it, but I was just happy to see my brother and sister kill it on stage with all their friends. I’m a proud big sister!

This week was sort of a slow week, which meant I got to stay at home, hangout with my pup and watch way too much Scandal. I hope everyone had a great week!

Sincerely, Rowan

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