Friday Feeling | 3

Today started off nice and slow with checking emails and doing maintenance for the blog. It was wonderful to sit in the quiet house with my tea for a couple hours and catch up on work! Not a day has gone by without some sort of commitment, and after our busy trip out to Savannah I’m happy to have a little rest. I’ve been editing photos for our trip all morning and will be putting a post together about our trip on Sunday, so stay tuned!

  1. Bella & My Dad’s concert! My Dad and sister Bella are in a Celtic band called Sinsear with a few other people and have been playing in various gigs around Atlanta. When I was planning my trip to Georgia, I made sure I would be around at the beginning of May so that I could attend their biggest gig yet; opening up for Lisa Kelly! Β The weather that day was beautiful, and because the concert was in an amphitheatre and it was really fun to sit outside and listen to the music. Bella sang alongside her friend Caty, and my Dad played rhythm guitar. I think they sounded great!
  2. Mother’s Day! As I mentioned in my Mother’s Day post, I haven’t been in home for Mother’s day since high school. It was really nice spending the day with my Mom and taking her out for dinner!
  3. Walking through the streets of Savannah! When Adam and I planned our trip to Savannah, we didn’t really plan too much other than which hotel we would stay at and a couple of restaurants to check out that came highly recommended. Instead, we decided to just walk around and see what was around! We spent hours just walking around the squares and streets taking pictures of the beautiful homes in the historic district. It was nice to walk around without a schedule or an itinerary… To get lost in a city we’d never explored before and get a feel for the city without the stress of over planning.
  4. Breakfast at Β Mirabelle cafe! When I was searching on Pinterest for things to do in Savannah, I kept hearing about the Mirabelle cafe and put it on my list of things to check out! We ended up at the cafe for breakfast, and it was one of the highlights of our trip! I will talk about it more later, but I had to include it in this post because it was definitely one of my favourite parts of the trip!
  5. Tybee Beach! After a morning of walking around Savannah, Adam and I drove to Tybee beach for the afternoon. We walked up and down the beach, went swimming and even saw dolphin’s playing in the waves! The waves were huge and kept knocking me over, but I think I was smiling the whole time. I love being in the water! It makes me feel like a little kid again. On a not so fun note, we both forgot sunscreen and now look like lobsters.

Tonight I am off to an end of the year banquet hosted by Bella and Levi’s high school. I didn’t bring anything nice to wear but managed to find a white maxi dress for $16.99 at Ross yesterday! Now that I think about it, finding a pretty dress to wear for under $20 was definitely a happy moment in my week. Maybe I should have titled this post “Six Happy Things”!

How was your week?

Sincerely, Rowan

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