Friday Feeling | 24

**Soooo I totally wrote this piece to go up last Friday… and then my website went down so it didn’t publish! I figured I’d put it up anyways because these things are still relevant**

What a week it’s been. I’m more than happy that it’s finally the weekend — and a long weekend at that! Wishing all my fellow Canadians a very happy Thanksgiving! Make sure you hug your loved ones.

01 | “Dear Hate” by Maren Morris feat. Vince Gill

We woke up on Monday with heavy hearts. Once again, we were rendered helpless as we heard the news of the attack in Las Vegas. In the midst of reading the news and trying to make sense of it all, I saw Maren Morris had uploaded a video to YouTube called “Dear Hate”. The song is beautiful and haunting and I’ve been listening to it on repeat all week. The song is available on iTunes and the proceeds are going to Music City Cares to help out the victims.

02 | Yoga With Adriene

I’ve set myself a mission to use my time more wisely and take better care of my body. My favourite way to exercise lately has been Yoga With Adriene yoga practices on YouTube. She has videos of various lengths and I love her quirky sense of humour and calm commanding voice during yoga practices! I love doing a video in the morning before work.

03 | Birthday 2.0

I went to Atlanta this year for my 22nd birthday and spent the day with my family! But when I got home, Adam and decided that we should pretend it was my birthday again and make a day of it. I made a pretty pink ombré vanilla cake and we attempted to go apple picking! It was the perfect day.

04 | The Heart of It Podcast by Estée Lalonde

I’ve been following Estée for years on YouTube and I was so excited to listen to her podcast. She has three episodes out right now and they are impeccably well-researched and organized. As a bit of a sound snob due to my radio training, so I was listening extra critically and was not disappointed. Well done, Estée!

05 | The Intern

I will always love Anne Hathaway and the movie “The Intern” never disappoints! It’s the perfect autumn evening film for getting cozy with a cuppa. I love the fashion and interiors, and the characters are all so loveable. I like to think of it as a continuation of Devil Wears Prada — in my mind this is where Andy ends up. And it’s on Netflix!

Tomorrow I’m taking the VIA Train to Guelph to visit my family for Thanksgiving! I haven’t had a big family Thanksgiving since Grade 11, so I’m really excited to catch up with everyone especially since my Mom is flying up for it!

All my love,

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