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When I was a kid, summertime was an endless weekend; the days of the week long forgotten in a flurry of camping trips, soccer games and swimming lessons. I used to look back on those days with fond memories wondering how I could haveΒ ever forgotten which day of the week it was! I figured such bliss would never again be replicated. I have never been more happy to be wrong in my entire life.

I checked my bullet journal last Sunday to figure out the exact train times for our trip to Rome and realized that I’d missed my weekly Friday blog post. Not because I had nothing to say, but simply because I had not realized that Friday had come and gone! It was such a weird feeling to have completely lost track of time but it was such a welcome change from our usual routine.

01 | Smiles all around

There was a cafe near our Airbnb in Naples that we walked passed every day. I always saw the same old man sitting alone with his arms crossed glaring at people as they walked by. Every day, I would catch his eye and smile, and every single day he would stare back with a scowl on his face. On the third day of this odd exchange, my smile was finally returned! His whole face lit up and I couldn’t help but jump for joy when we got to our Airbnb. It was such a lovely moment to see him finally smile back.

02 | Wandering through Rome

Rome was so beautiful. So beautiful, that I found it difficult to take photos while we were there because I just wanted to enjoy the time instead of fiddling with my settings. I loved walking around the streets and learning the shortcuts back to our hotel and the best gelato places. I feel like we had a good balance of sight-seeing and aimless wandering because I never felt stressed about getting to our next destination. We walked all over the city each day, not bothering with public transit, and I feel like I got to know Rome a little bit even though we were there for a very short amount of time.

03 | Eat, sleep, read, repeat

For the first time in four years, I’m actually excited to read for fun! I bought a Kobo before the trip and filled it up with library books. I’m on my fifth book so far and it’s been lovely to bring reading back into my routine again. I’m going to keep updating my goodreads as we go along, and then at the end of the summer I’m going to write a blog post about the books I read on my trip and how they helped me get back into reading.

04 | Welcome to Tuscany

As we stepped off the bus from Florence, I heard someone call my name. Our Airbnb host came to the bus stop to pick us up! Within a few minutes, we were driving through the gates into our beautiful farmhouse. He gave us the grand tour and told us to help ourselves to the basket of local goodies on the table. The small village only has a few places to pick up groceries, and as it was late we were so grateful for the pasta and fresh tomato basil sauce that he left. Complete with a bottle of wine and golden apples, it was a treat to relax and enjoy the home.

05 | Under the Tuscan Sun(set)

After dinner, we decided to take advantage of the cool evening air and explore the area around our Airbnb a little bit more. We didn’t’ get very far because the minute we walked around the corner we were met with a stunning view. We could see for miles over olive groves and fields, through the mountains and tiny winding roads to the Duomo of Florence glistening in the setting sun. We stood around with our cameras taking photos and admiring the view until the sun was hidden behind the far mountains. It was the most perfectly timed spontaneous moment we’ve had yet.

I hope you had a great week!

Sincerely, Rowan

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