Friday Feeling | 2

It’s that time of week again! Time for me to sit down and think about all the things big or small that made me happy this week. Here we go!

  1. Peggy’s Cove! Last Saturday we had perfect weather in Halifax. It was sunny out, with clear blue skies and warm (ish) temperatures. My friend Jen had the great idea to go out to Peggy’s Cove for the afternoon! So Adam, Jen and I jumped in the car with her dog Artie and had a fun afternoon climbing the rocks and taking pictures. Bonus: we stopped at a road side food truck for french fries and hot dogs on the way back. It was the perfect Saturday!
  2. Crafternoon! There are a few things that I bought at Value Village that I wanted to make over, and I spent all of Sunday happily covered in spray paint. I managed to finish a few of the things I was working on, but the rest will have to wait until I get back from Atlanta. I can’t wait to finish transforming my thrift store finds!
  3. Coming home to Atlanta! I haven’t been home since Christmas, so I’ve been looking forward to coming home for a while. Especially since the weather here is absolutely beautiful… Travelling to Georgia from Halifax is basically like travelling to another planet. The sun is so hot here! I especially love that all the trees are green and everything is so lush. It’s also so nice to see my family after such a long time away. Adam is here as well and we are very excited to take a couple trips and explore Georgia!
  4. Home made cake! My Grandma was visiting my parents and decided to stick around an extra day to see Adam and I. We had a lovely time chatting with her while we waited for my family to come home, and she made us a special lemon cake to celebrate! It was delicious. There are leftovers on the counter right now and it’s taking everything I have not to go over there and cut a piece.
  5. Milton Cirque Show! My younger brother Levi is part of his high school’s circus program. They put on a show every year and I am so glad we were able to see it during our visit. I was completely blown away by the entire performance. There were dance routines, tumbling routines, trapeze and silk performance and tons more. The costumes, special effects and choreography was amazing and puts my high school shows to shame.

How was your week?

Sincerely, Rowan

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