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Happy Friday! For the past week or so I’ve been in a really good mood. Fourth year is off to a pretty slow start. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve spent the past 16 years in school, but I’m somehow not really that worried about my schoolwork this year. To be honest, I was actually feeling a little bit guilty today because I don’t feel that stressed about the project that I’m working on. And let me tell you – I’m usually a complete stress mess. Instead of stressing about school, I did so many things that made me happy this week.

Art journal!

In the past year or so I’ve been trying to make an effort to explore my creativity more and work on my sketching. I started a sketchbook specifically for my interior design ideas and general brainstorming, but this week I started something a little less structured: an art journal. I’ve been really inspired by Katy Bellotte’s travel journal that she shares on her snapchat (her snapchat stories are amazing – she’s currently living in Florence) and also by Noor Unnahar whom I just found on instagram. So I picked up my own Leuchtturm journal and got started. I’m having so much fun with it!

Pumpkin muffins!

I found this grain-free, refined-sugar free pumpkin muffin recipe (that was a mouthful) on Pinterest last week and have since made 4 batches. I actually spent an hour tonight making a ton of muffins to bring on a little trip I’m going on tomorrow. They are SO good. Not too sweet, with just the perfect amount of spice. I like to top them off with a couple chocolate chips. It’s so hard to not eat them all in one sitting!

Birthday cards!

Today is the last day of September, and unfortunately of my birthday month. To finish this amazing birthday month off with a bang, I received a belated birthday card from my lovely friend Saskia. It was so sweet of her to send a card from Germany, and I had a little giggle while trying to pronounce the German greeting on the front. I feel so loved and special. Thanks Saskia!

Evening walks!

With Adam away for a little bit, I’ve been in charge of our little greyhound for the past week. Usually he gets up really early for work and walks her before I’m even awake, and I walk her when I’m home from class in the afternoon and we go together for the evening walk. I have to say that it’s definitely tough to do it all by myself, and for whatever reason she has had so much energy this week and needs lots of attention. To calm her down before bedtime, I’ve been taking her on hour long walks before bed to get her to settle down. I just grab my headphones, turn on some Adele or Ed Sheeran and walk around the neighborhood until she starts to slow down. And you know what? I actually kind of enjoy the really long walk. It’s so refreshing.

Thrift shopping!

I found a Salvation Army within 15 minutes of my new apartment and I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT IT! *Deep breaths Rowan, deep breaths…* I’ve never been able to walk to any of the thrift stores in town, and I walked over today and had such an amazing time browsing and finding lovely things that I don’t need for my house. I found a couple cute books, a beautiful Chinese vase, some brass candlesticks and some pretty enamel pieces. I think it’s safe to say that I had a great day.

Can you tell that I haven’t had much human contact this week? I think this is one of the longer “Happy Things” posts I’ve written… Obviously I need to get out more.

Have a great weekend!

Sincerely, Rowan xo

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