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I can’t believe how quickly September is flying by. It feels like we just moved into our new house and now all the sudden it’s autumn! Crazy. We are now at a point in the school year where everyone is settled in. The first few weeks of class are always an adjustment, but I’m finally on a proper schedule which makes me very happy. The house is finally getting there too… We are almost done organizing and putting everything away! I’m a little nervous to start sharing our progress on the blog because even though I like our little apartment, there are SO many things that I wish I could change. But no one has control of everything, so I’m trying to convince myself that the little imperfections make my life seem more realistic.

Ticks of my to do list!

This might sound extremely boring to some, but we tackled so many small and necessary projects last weekend and it has really helped improve the functionality of our space. I have been adding tiny little details to my to-do list since we moved in, and we got a huge chunk of them done on the weekend! It felt so good to wake up on Monday to pictures on the wall, an organized closet and less clutter. This apartment is definitely starting to feel like home, and I’m really happy here.

Dinner with family!

My Uncle Ed and his partner Brenda are on an East Coast road trip and arrived in Halifax on Tuesday for a little visit. Myself and Adam joined them for dinner along with my Uncle Marty, Mary Ann and my cousin Owen and we had a lovely time at Bistro by Liz. It’s always so fun when family come into town! I’m sure we overwhelmed them with recommendations for restaurants and other attractions around Halifax. They were so kind and even brought me a little belated birthday present!

Cacti feature wall!

I’ve been so excited to finish this project ever since we moved in and I love how it turned out! If you didn’t catch the blog post I posted the other day, I created a little plant wall with hand painted pots and cacti to brighten up my bathroom. It was really fun to bring in pops of colour to the house because most of our decorations are monochrome due to the yellow walls; our bathroom is the only room in the apartment with white walls.

Our happy greyhound!

When we got Downy a few weeks ago we were surprised by how easily she settled into our house. All the sudden it felt like a switch flipped: she wouldn’t walk, whined in her crate, and barked all night. After reading a ton of articles online about greyhounds, we decided to move her crate into our bedroom. It’s made all the difference! She is quiet all night, and everything else is falling into place. We are so happy that she is happy, and the fact that we can finally sleep all night is amazing.

Lunch with friends!

Yesterday after our morning class, my friends invited me to go get some pizza at Salvatores in the Hydrostone area. We ordered far too much cheesy garlic bread (my poor stomach) and spent a lovely few hours eating amazing pizza and chatting about fourth year. Our waitress was incredible, and it felt really good to sit down with a group of really great people. I hope we do it more often!

Hope you guys had a great week!

Sincerely, Rowan

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