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Where is the time going? The summer is practically over and I’m not ready to go back to class. Maybe I’ll feel a little bit better about the whole thing after I get this moving process over, but for right now I’m ready to put on the breaks, and enjoy the sun. The whole week felt pretty uneventful as I spent hours packing and talking on the phone to complete the boring yet vital ticks on my to-do list. But of course, splashed in between all the craziness, I did manage to have some fun.

Family Time!

My grandma and her brother drove up to Halifax for their annual golf tournament on the weekend and I spent both Saturday and Sunday evening with themΒ at my Uncle’s house. The golf tournament always turns out a small crowd of people, and it was really nice catching up with everyone after our month away. If I’m honest, we mostly just sat around and laughed at the crazy things my grandma said. The kids that were there referred to her fondly as ‘Maniac’ as she shooed them out of the kitchen when they asked for more of her famous rhubarb pie… Which she brought 6 of. SIX PIES. She’s a nutter and I love her for it.

Salted Caramel Brownies!

While I scour the web for new recipes to try out all the time, I really rarely ever try the dishes I’ve meticulously pinned to my Savour or Delight boards on Pinterest. This week I made an exception when Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup published this video on salted caramel brownies and I’m so glad I did. These brownies are quite honestly the most mouthwatering and rich brownies I think I’ve ever had in my life, and they were SO easy to make. To top it off, I even made my own salted caramel sauce from scratch using Sally’s recipe; it added the perfect salty touch to the brownies.

A Beautiful new Mirror!

Yesterday I was in desperate need of some time away from the house. I’d been working all week, and when I wasn’t working I was packing, cleaning and spending time on the phone. I was going a little stir crazy so naturally we went to Winners. Might sound a little crazy, but Winners is kind of my go-to when I want to get out of the house but don’t really feel like going anywhere. I instantly get wayyy too excited and my energy seems to flood back as I take in all the gorgeous homeware. We weren’t having much luck until we got near the cash and I saw a huge box filled with full-length mirrors… I have been looking for one with a nice thick white frame and found exactly what I was looking for! It was only $99, and it is massive… I’m sure you will see pictures of it when we move!

First Vlog!

I have been wanting to start vlogging for SO long but I’ve been really scared to start. Last Friday when we went on a little hike to Herring Cove the lighting was so pretty that I pulled out my camera for fun. I didn’t go with the intention of filming the hike, and sort of just turned the camera on before I could think about it. The resulting vlog is shaky and the editing isn’t great, but I’m calling it a practice run and I had fun making it!Β I definitely want to try it again! And maybe this time I’ll actually talk to the camera…. We’ll see! In other YouTube news, my IKEA Haul hit 1,000 views!

Kijiji Sales!

This is going to be in my Moving Tips & Tricks post that is coming on Sunday, but I spent so much time this week selling furniture on Kijiji! It took me about five minutes to walk around the house taking pictures of everything, and I made $300! We had a few nice pieces to sell and a couple other small things like a lamp and some storage containers. If you are downsizing and need to make some cash, Kijiji is super fast and convenient. I used the app and it was amazing. Totally not sponsored by the way..

Well, that was my week! What did you get up too?

Sincerely, Rowan

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