Friday Feeling | 11

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This week was so packed with amazing people and opportunities. It was busy in the best possible way, and I feel like my jaw hurts from smiling. That being said, I was so exhausted last night that I slept for 12 hours because it has been non-stop fun and we all know that I like my alone time. It feels so good to take a break and just  r e l a x  for a little while. I’ve made myself a cup of ginger & peach tea, and it feels good to cozy up and reflect on the people and things that made me smile this week.

Keith Urban!

When I heard that Keith Urban was going on tour with Brett Eldredge and Maren Morris I knew that we had to get tickets. We bought ours months ago while in Halifax, and I felt like I was counting down the days. We went with a group of new and old friends and I can honestly say that I have never had more fun at a concert. Maren Morris is definitely one of my new favourite artists and Brett and Keith smashed it. We danced all night under the stars “making memories of us”.

HCI Reunion!

The Barbie Princess party for my friend Justina was really fun (who doesn’t love a giant bouncy castle?), but other than the craziness of it all, I really enjoyed catching up with people that I haven’t seen since high school. It was nice to see how people have grown up a bit in the last 4 years or so and fun to hear about their plans for the future.

Dinner & drinks with friends!

Yet another reunion! On Monday night I met some of my very best friends for dinner & drinks on a patio across from the ROM. I laugh cried all night as we remembered the silly things we did in high school. I truly didn’t want the night to end, and can’t wait for another opportunity to see all those wonderful people again.

Spontaneous country festival!

By Tuesday night I was exhausted after all the socializing we’d done but instead of going to bed early to read, Adam and I decided to drive to London at about 9:30 so that we could go to Rock the Park: Gone Country the next day! We didn’t even have tickets for the festival until an hour before it started, but I’m so glad that we made the decision to go. We saw some amazing artists including  Dallas Smith and Brad Paisley!

Dancing in the rain!

The weather was SO hot for the festival. As in 42 degrees + the heat of the crowds.. So when it started to rain halfway through Jake Owen’s performance we were all so happy. A lot of people started to leave when the rain hit, but my friends and I continued to dance happily in the rain. It was right out of a Taylor Swift song…  We got absolutely soaked, and had to walk home drenched in a thunderstorm. I have never felt more alive, free and full of joy.

What a week! I can’t believe how many concerts I’ve been to since coming to Ontario… I think I’ve seen over 15 amazing country artists. Crazy! I also feel like this trip has brought out my best self because I’m happier than I’ve been in months. It’s a great feeling, and I’m so happy to be home.

Did you do anything spontaneous this week? Let me know down below!

Sincerely, Rowan


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