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Surprise! An extra post! Now that I am on holiday I have way more time to put into this blog, and I’m excited to announce that I will be posting three times a week from now on! One of my favourite bloggers, Kate from katelavie, does a weekly post she calls “Five Good Things”Β where she talks about five good things that happened (pretty self-explanatory). I think this is such a great way to reflect and feel grateful about the wonderful little things that happen that may be forgotten. Instead of just talking about five good moments or events that happened, I want to talk about the happy feelings, experiences and people that have made my week special.

  1. Blogging again! After a few stressful weeks away, I finally got my act together, felt inspired and started posting again! I’m also really excited to be posting three times a week instead of two. It was so lovely to start reading through blogs again, find new accounts to fall in love with on Instagram (current fave: Sian from thefreckledfieldnotes), and connect again with the community.
  2. A walk around Halifax! On Sunday I spent a few hours walking around Halifax with my friends Jen, Luke and their greyhound Artie. We walked around the North End introducing Artie to other pups and taking photos of the stunningly quaint little houses. It felt so good to enjoy the nice warm weather with friends, and Artie is so fun to be around. He is such a character and I can’t help but giggle whenever I look at him. I came home feeling refreshed, happy and free!
  3. Vintage finds! There is an antique store in down town Halifax called Urban Cottage Antiques & Collectables that I’ve been in a few times. They have some pretty neat things, and the prices are amazing. I found this beautiful white beaded purse on a table and fell in love! The best part… It was $9! I happily brought it home with me and it is hanging on my dresser. It makes me feel like a Lady of Downton Abbey whenever I look at it (there I go again talking about Downton Abbey, I swear I’ll try to stop. maybe).

    Just call me Lady Rowan Grawley (Photo by: Rowan Morrissy via instagram)
    Just call me Lady Rowan Crawley (Photo by: Rowan Morrissy via instagram)
  4. Spring cleaning and re-arranging! I spent most of this week in a fierce battle with our house. I scrubbed every surface, pulled out all the furniture and mopped the floors. It inspired me to change a few things around and freshen the place up for the warmer months! I’m sure a few pictures of our little re-arranging party which may find their way to the blog or instagram sometime soon (hint?). Oh the joys of a clean house.
  5. Donating! This is along the same lines as my excitement over spring cleaning because as I went through our house I found TONS of stuff that we didn’t use! Kitchen utensils that lay at the bottom of drawers, cheap appliances that barely work, twin sheets from my days in residence and tons of clothing. We had around 5 garbage bags of things to donate and it felt so good to drop them off at our local donation centre! (Bonus: I got to take a look around Value Village because… Why not?).

The nice thing about looking back on my week in this way is that I’m not looking for huge life-changing crazy events or moments. These five things are just small pieces of the week that remind me that even through the lows there are still things that make me happy. Looking back on these five moments makes me feel like I had an amazing week, when in reality it was definitely filled with low moments and disappointment. Reflecting in this way helps Β me look passed those low moments and focus on the things that brighten my day! It feels good, and is just one step in bringing more positivity to my life.

What happy moments brightened your week?

Sincerely, Rowan


  1. What a lovely, positive post πŸ™‚ and thank you for the mention! Glad you’re feeling inspired again, I look forward to all the new posts! xxx

  2. Love this idea for a nice positive post. When I first read walking around Halifax I didn’t click it must be a town and thought you meant the bank *hangs head in shame* lol.
    Sophie from

    1. Haha! That’s so funny! Walking around banks can be fun sometimes? Maybe? Especially if they have tea and coffee out πŸ˜‰
      xo, Rowan πŸ™‚

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