February Goals

February Goals

Does anyone else feel like January was the longest month ever? I’m so glad it’s February because this month always flies by and I’m definitely ready for spring! At least the days seem to be getting longer.

01 | Ease into a keto diet

I’ve been basically following a paleo diet ever since I cut out gluten but I’m still trying to find the foods that make my body feel the best. I’ve noticed a significant difference in my body since I went gluten-free but I want to take it one step further and experiment with the ketogenic diet. I don’t trust myself enough to explain the keto diet, so if you want to know more about it I encourage you to read Mark Sisson’s blog. I’ve heard that it can be harmful to go full-on keto straight away so this month I’m going to try eating carbs only at dinnertime to see how my body feels. Has anyone else tried a keto diet?

02 | Daily yoga practice

You guys already know that I love ‘Yoga with Adriene’ videos! I was working through her newest yoga challenge, TRUE, in January and only have a couple days left. I really enjoy the variation of her practices and want to follow along with her monthly calendar to stick with it. If you’re looking to bring a bit more zen into your life I would highly suggest her videos!

03 | Make time for DIY

These past few days I’ve been itching to create something tangible. I spend so much time writing and taking photos but it’s been a long time since I sat down and did a craft or made something for my house! To rectify the situation, I spent a couple hours playing with my watercolours this morning and it was a really relaxing activity. I want to make the time to do more little projects since Winter isn’t heading out anytime soon.

I completely forgot to keep up my promise of a monthly calendar! I didn’t do one for January, but I did create this pretty floral desktop background for this month! Anyone else craving a bit of spring? When I brought these tulips home I knew I had to snap a few pics.

You can click this link here to download the background. Enjoy!

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