How to Create a DIY Cacti Feature Wall

When we were moving into our new place, I noticed a little nook in our bathroom that I had never seen before. It was just a shallow space with shelves to hold toiletries and such, but I decided right then and there what I wanted to do with it.

Instead of cluttering up the space with makeup and hair products I decided to make the space into a beautiful feature wall with cacti and succulents inspired by Kate from I love the simplicity of this project because it’s really easy to do but made a big differenceΒ in our small bathroom.

I always think it’s important to bring greenery into your home, but even more so in the colder months. In Halifax the fall and winter months are endlessly grey and dreary, and I’ve learned that having plants around my house really improves my mood. Plus, these mini succulents and cacti are just too cute to pass up!

You will need:
  • Cheap terracotta pots of any size
  • Chite spray paint
  • Painters tape
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brushes & sponges
  • Cardboard or newspaper to cover your surface
  • Cacti & succulents



Step by step

To begin, I took all my little pots outside and coated them with many light coats of spray paint. At first, I had them all in a cardboard box to help with overspray, but found it was difficult to reach all the little spots on the pots. I think that next time I will just have them on a flat piece of cardboard or newspaper.

cacti cacti

When the pots were dry, I brought them inside and started to paint. I used the same navy and light teal paint that I purchased for my DIY Painted Globe, and added a bold turquoise to my colour scheme to bring in the colour of my shower curtain.

To create bold lines on my pots, I used some painters tape and tried to tape it down as securely as possible to make sure that the line was neat and tidy. I think this was my favourite design!


When the pots had all dried, I matched up the colours and designs with the succulent that I thought looked best. I love this uneven scalloped design, and think the turquoise pops beautifully against the green of this mini succulent.



To add a little bit more detail, I tried to make cute designs on top of the paint using my gold paint pen. This didn’t work out as well as I hoped because the surface of the pots was quite porous which made it hard to draw smooth lines. I think it really depends on the design that you are trying to draw, because the lines on the cacti in the picture below look terrible, but the gold splotches on one of the other pots turned out really well.



Final result

I’m so pleased with the final result! The colours are so cheery, and I love the variation of the cacti and succulents that we chose. Whenever I go into the bathroom, this pretty nook makes me smile.

The bathroom might seem like an odd space to decorate in a home, but I think it’s fun to add unexpected details to create interest. In fact, our bathroom is probably the most decorated out of any room in the apartment! It’s such an easy little space to spruce up, and our bathroom is the only room in our whole house that isn’t yellow so I had fun bringing in pops of colour.


I used to be terrified to bring plants into my home because I was so worried that I would kill them all. Cacti and succulents are so easy to take care of, and I think the fact that they are in the bathroom will allow them to thrive. Our happiest plant to date was the aloe plant we kept in the bathroom, and weΒ never watered it. The moisture from our hot showers, combined with the sunlight that comes in seems to be the ultimate combination for our cacti!

This project was very easy to complete and even though I made plenty of mistakes when painting the pots, I think it still works! It’s all about the bigger picture. When the pots are all placed side by side they look incredible, even if they are a little wonky on their own.

If you make your own little plant wall, please let me know! I’m always on instagram and twitter and would love to see your creations.

Where would you want a plant wall in your home?

Sincerely, Rowan


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