December Goals

December Goals

2017 was the craziest year of my life thus far. I’ll probably spend more time at the end of December discussing all the craziness, but for now, I’d like to take some time to set myself up for the last month of the year.

01 | 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Last November, my friend Forest of herHABITAT, convinced me to try Adriene’s 31 day Yoga Revolution. I did pretty well for the first 10 days or so and then eventually school got in the way; I never finished the challenge. The 30-day yoga challenge will help prepare me for the new year and give me a head-start on New Year’s resolutions.

02 | Make time for pampering

I’m notoriously bad at making time for haircuts, getting my hair dyed, and general beauty maintenance. When my best friend was in Ottawa, I scheduled manicures for us and it made me feel so much more put together! I think working from home makes it even easier to slack off when it comes to my physical appearance. But when I don’t take care of those seemingly silly details my confidence levels plummet. A trip to the salon is long overdue.

03 | Create new Christmas traditions

This is my first Christmas in Canada since high school! I’m over the moon that I get to stay home for the holidays. It’s also my very first Christmas with Adam so I want to make sure that it’s extra special. Our family traditions have been hard to maintain since we moved down South. So, I’m determined to start making my own traditions this year with Adam. If you have ideas for us, leave a comment down below.

I’m trying really hard to take the time for reflection and goal setting. I think it’s a great way to stay motivated and excited about all the amazing things that are happening in my life. I’m also excited because these monthly posts are a good thing for you guys too! I fell in love with graphic design and photography at King’s and figured it was time to bring a piece of that passion to Sincerely, Rowan in the form of monthly desktop calendars!

The first one is holiday-themed of course.

What are your goals for December?

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December Goals

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