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I try to do the majority of my work at my desk. There are definitely days where I end up on our couch for hours on end but for the most part, I actually enjoy sitting down at my desk to get some work done. As far as IKEA desks go, I really like the simple design of the Lillasen desk. The bamboo top is a warm colour that adds some contrast to my space and I love the simple white legs because they work with the modern style of our apartment.

Having a proper workspace was really important to me even though we have a very small apartment. As a freelancer, I needed a space to focus my efforts on writing the best stories for my clients that would also look nice in our apartment. In an ideal world, my desk styling would take on a minimalist approach with only the absolute essentials taking up space. The surface space is quite small but I still like to pack my favourite things onto it so everything I need is within arms reach while I’m working. These are some of the things I always have on my desk!



01 | Pretty Stationery

I love having calendars and stationery options all around me when I’m at my desk. Pretty prints and colourful notecards just make me happy! I’m constantly picking up little notecards and paper at little shops and HomeSense. Most of my stationery, like my calendars and my planner, are from Rifle Paper Company. Most of the prints around my home are repurposed calendar pages from the past few years! I love cutting the designs up and framing them or tacking them on my mood board for “free” art.



02 | Catch-all dish

This is a piece that I switch up constantly! I always have some sort of bowl or dish to collect all the small bits and pieces that I tend to need on my desk but I know I’ll lose if I throw them in a drawer. I’m currently using this gold and white china saucer to hold all my little essentials: memory cards, guitar picks, a gold pencil sharpener, a relax-o-ring (little massage ring for your finger while you work!), and stress release inhaler from Saje.



03 | Multiple beverages

I don’t know about you guys, but working from home means that I’m constantly wanting to snack! To minimize my chocolate intake I always have a glass of water that I refill constantly. Most of the time when you feel hungry you’re actually just thirsty. So far, having water by my side is a great reminder to stay hydrated. In addition to the water, I usually have a cup of tea by my side; but that’s a life essential not just a desk essential!



04 | Plant friends

Our plant collection seems to grow every single weekend! This little guy is a recent addition from IKEA and he sits in this cute standing planter from Structube. Having plants nearby is really relaxing and adds a bit of life to my space even on a grey day. I keep this planter next to my desk and I also have a hanging plant above my desk with a string of pearls plant to keep me company.



Those are some of the things you’ll always find on my desk! I’ve recently re-jigged the decor for spring so there’s a lot of pink going on and I’m very happy about it. Forever a girly girl at heart!

What did you think of my new photos? My new friend Sophie came over for a little shoot and we had so much fun with all the photos. If you’re in the Ottawa area and need a photographer definitely give her a shout! I loved working with her and can’t wait to do it again soon.



Hope you’re doing well!




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