A Budget-friendly Bedroom Update

Ever since we signed our lease back in March, I have been dreaming about this day! I have had so many ideas on how I want to fill my massive bedroom, and it feels amazing that all of my ideas have come to fruition! I finally have my DIY Headboard and my beautiful fashion illustrations up on the wall! I wanted to share the whole process of putting it together, and made a little video for you to watch. Let me know what you think.

I always like to explain my budget when creating these spaces to show that you can create an elegant and personal space on a student budget.

Here is how I broke it down:

Duvet Cover $49.99 (IKEA)
Double Sheet $40 (Walmart)
Rugs $3.99 each (IKEA)
Bedframe and Mattress $150 (Passed down from a friend)
Pillow Inserts $10 each (Walmart)For the re-vamp…DIY Headboard $93
Sconces.. Used to be $19.95, price is now $29.99!! (IKEA)
White Frames $17.97 (Walmart)
Nightstands $45 (IKEA by way of Kijiji)
Vanilla Candles $1.69
Fashion Illustrations (Gift from Jaleesa French)

TOTAL: $220!

While my total of $220 might not seem like a tiny budget for a bedside area, I got so much more for my money because I made my own headboard! I have seen headboards just like the one I made for upwards of $250! Instead, I spent less than I would have on a beautiful headboard and was able to put it towards lovely fixtures like my wall sconces.I decided to use sconces because I wanted lots of light next to my bed, and the nightstands I purchased didn’t have much surface space to fit a lamp and whatever bedside necessities I may need. I really love the look! It is so cozy; perfect for the cooler months.

I want to give a huge shout out and thank you to my friend Jaleesa, who is the artist behind my beautiful new fashion illustrations. I had this vision in my head of hanging old fashion illustrations in black in white above my bed, and with Jaleesa’s help my vision came true! She went above and beyond and created 8 unique and stunningly elegant fashion illustrations for me.

It was so hard to pick two to go above my bed, but I absolutely love them. They are a gift that I will cherish for a long time. I just love the symmetry of the matching sconces, nightstands, and illustrations. I feel like I’m in a luxury hotel!!

How will you re-vamp your bedroom this fall?


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