Bullet Journal First Impressions

After a couple months of pondering, endless hours spent watching flip through videos and a little bit of shopping on Amazon… I finally started a bullet journal!

Bullet journaling has been around for a couple years now, but the idea really exploded in the last year or so. After a very brief conversation with my friend Lindsay, I caved and decided to give it a go.

I actually think it’s kind of funny that Lindsay was the person who convinced me to start my own bullet journal. We became friends during English class in grade 10 because we both loved organizing our agendas with pretty highlighters and song lyrics. Six years later and we’re still talking about pretty stationary! Anyways. I’m already off topic. Love you Linds!


I started with my bullet journal at the beginning of February — and even though many people online suggest taking a few weeks to practice layouts in a seperate notebook I just jumped right in. Like most people, I went for the Leuchtturm 1917 dotted hardcover notebook. Also like most people — I have NO idea how to pronounce Leuchtturm (which is why this post doesn’t include a flip through video).

My goal for this journal is to have everything I need in one place. I love using lists to keep myself organized, but I tend to extend these lists over different platforms: I use a list app, a meal planning sticky pad, my Kate Spade planner and generally any piece of paper that is within reach. It’s so much easier having everything in one place; I like the idea that I can craft a planner based on my day-to-day needs.

I started off with a few collections like a full year calendar, 2017 goals, blog statistics, and blog post/video ideas. It felt good to put all of the little notes I’d pinned up on my bulletin board or stashed on my phone into one notebook. I tried to keep it fairly simple and was actually a little impressed with how my first few pages were looking. So, I took the plunge and started on my monthly spread.


This is where my hours of research went down the drain. Β I started off with a simple outline of a calendar with a little box for notes and a banner counting down the days to Europe. But things went downhill when I tried to make it look like the ones online by adding washi tape and colour. These added details just didn’t work for me, and every time I flip through my journal it’s always these extra touches that I don’t like. The simple pages are the ones that make me happy and actually help me be productive.

bullet bullet journal

I’ve made SO many mistakes in this journal. I’ve already (carefully) torn out a page, my index is a disaster and I used a different layout for every single week in February. But in the end, I’m actually really happy with the system! I find it calming to create the pages, inspiring to see my goals and ideas on paper and I’m excited to see what else I can do with it. I’ve already started bringing in details about my trip to Europe this summer and I think it’s going to be really helpful with the planning process — especially because the size is so portable and I’ll only need to pack ONE notebook to have everything I need while I’m away.

If you feel like starting a bullet journal I have a piece of advice for you:

Do not, under any circumstances, compare your journal to the ones online or take it too seriously.

Maybe that was more like two pieces of advice… But I mean it! The fantastic thing about bullet journaling is that you can use it however you wish and it really is fun!

If you’d like to see regular updates on my bullet journal, or information about the supplies I like to use just let me know. I could talk about stationary alllll day. I’d also like to know if you’ve you’ve decided to start a bullet journal, or if you’ve been at it for a while!

Sincerely, Rowan

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