Soaking Up Some ‘Me’ Time


Sighhhhh.. Is it really over? I finished my final exam on Wednesday and I still feel like I am in school-mode. For whatever reason, it is taking me so long to relax and get my mind in summer mode. I still feel tense, and have moments when I think I still have school work to do! In an attempt to wind down, I have spent loads of time enjoying Downton Abbey (uh… why am I so late to the party on this one) in the bath! There is nothing better than drawing a warm bath on a sunny morning, popping in a Lush bathbomb and pressing play on a new show.


The two bath bombs I can’t stop thinking about are Intergalactic and Rose Bombshell. In a #BloggerFail moment, I got so excited about Intergalactic that I completely forgot to take pictures of it when I put it in the bath. I captured a few afterward of the deep turquoise colour it left behind after the madness was over, but words cannot do this beautiful bath bomb justice. For starters, it was a wonderful bath bomb to use in the morning because of the fresh minty smell. And then you put it in the warm water and it explodes with colour and gold glitter. One of the lovely things about this bath bomb is it lasted for SO long. I was too impatient to wait for it to fizz out completely, and it still took until halfway through my bath to settle.


Rose Bombshell on the other hand, made me feel like a princess! The pink hue of the bath was rich and opaque, and the yellow rose petals were so luxurious. I felt just as fancy as the girls on Downton Abbey during that little pamper session! My skin loved it as well. I felt lovely and soft when I got out of the bath, and the floral smell stayed on my skin for hours. It also made our bathroom smell fantastic for days. I had also learned from my experience with Intergalactic and managed to take some pictures!


In addition to my bath bomb obsession, I have also been using the Lush facemask called Catastrophe Cosmetic to help with the redness on my face and breakouts from finals. It is one of the face masks that needs to be kept in the fridge, and I found it extra cooling on my skin. I would definitely recommend it!


The past few weeks have been quite stressful between finals and dealing with life. But now that the year is over, I feel like I can come back to blogging and post content I’m happy with, instead of putting content up for the sake of my deadline. Taking time for myself these past few days has left me feeling inspired, and I’m sure I’ll have way more content to share with you soon!

How do you unwind?


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