Celebrating GALentine’s Day

Celebrating GALentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day! Andddd I’m not just saying that because I’m in a happy relationship. I love it because it is so fun to show all the important people in your life how special they are to you — Especially friends and family.

University is busy. Everyone has different schedules and programmes that sometimes it is so hard to get together to have some fun! I hadn’t seen my friends from the King’s Dance Collective in SO long. I’m not able to do the show this year because of my crazy schedule, but I wanted to make sure they knew I hadn’t forgotten about them! Enter GALentine’s Day. The perfect excuse to get together, and the perfect excuse for me to go all out with the pink decorations!

We weren’t able to have our party on the same weekend of Valentine’s because many of my friends went home for reading week, so we decided to have it a little bit later!

I had so much fun putting all the decorations together. Just ask my roommates…. The party was on Tuesday night, but by Saturday I pretty much had all the decorations up and ready to go!

To decorate the space, I scoured Pinterest for cute ideas. I made a board called Celebrate a couple weeks ago and started brainstorming! I went to the dollar store and bought pink pom pom garlands, plastic zoo animals, a white pillowcase, paint and brushes and got to work!

To make the table runner (this was my inspiration) I took a plain white pillowcase and cut off the seams to open it up. I painted messy X’s and O’s on a diagonal and let it dry overnight. Right before the party I flipped the pillowcase over and use packing tape to make a makeshift seam. It took me about 15 minutes to paint, and 5 minutes to make my “seam”.

I made drink stir sticks with wooden sticks and plastic zoo animals. These turned out so well! I basically just took my little animals outside and primed them and then painted them gold. I have to say, these are the hardest things I’ve ever painted with spray paint! It took so many coats to cover up all the little nooks! When they were dry, I grabbed a screw and made a little hole to fit the sticks. A little dab from my trusty glue gun and they were done! I only made five (one for each guest) and then used the extra animals to decorate the table.

Then I hung the pom pom garland over the table and added one big pom pom in light pink that I made myself. This was so easy, just check this link to figure it out.

To finish off, I brought out pretty dishes like my gold dessert plates and my pink depression glass serving tray to display the treats! I was on dessert duty and made this chocolate tart and had mini brownies out as well. Shout out to my boyfriend Adam for the flowers! They made the final table setting look beautiful.

How do you celebrate with your friends?


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