Okay, I know that I said I would have a home update going up today, but I feel like this subject is much more important than the state of my apartment. I am SO happy to announce that I am now a behuman ambassador!

The Human Preservation Company was founded in Halifax after Paul Leblanc heard a story on the radio that moved him to tears. The story was about a man named Matthew Jackson who paid for a stranger’s $200 grocery bill without asking for anything in return. He was tragically killed later that day in a car accident. The woman he helped has been trying to pay it forward ever since through a movement called #Matthewslegacy.

“behuman is a company that reminds us to embrace our differences, because we’re all in this together.”

The behuman movement is focused on following in Matthew’s footsteps. It’s about spreading love through our communities in small ways like paying for a stranger’s morning coffee or leaving a note of appreciation for a friend or colleague. We want to create a kindness movement that will inspire people all around the world through a challenge called #behumanmeans.

To me, #behumanmeans treating people around you with kindness, and understanding that everyone is fighting an uphill battle. It means taking the time to take care of yourself and reminding others to the same. #Behumanmeans going out of your way to make someone else’s day a little bit brighter without expecting anything in return.



For my first random act of kindness with behuman, my friend Megan and I bought four dozen donuts from Tim Hortons and gave them out in front of the Killam Library at Dalhousie! It’s midterm season at Dal right now, and even though Megan and I don’t have exams (the perks of being in journalism) we thought it would be nice to surprise some stressed-out students with a little sugar!

The donuts were gone in a blink of an eye. You should have seen the eyes light up at the mention of ‘free donuts’. It felt so good to see people walking away with a smile on their face knowing that in the midst of their dreary day of studying, we managed to give them something happy to hold onto. Hearing students say that we “made their day” was totally worth every penny Megan and I spent on those donuts.



Megan and I (tried) to vlog our little adventure and had a lot of fun doing it despite our awkward laughing. You can check it out here:

Stay tuned for more updates on my work with behuman! For more information check out the website and facebook page.

What does #behuman mean to you?



Disclaimer: The shirts were provided by behuman Clothing Company. All opinions are my own.


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