Beach House Daydreams: A Mood Board

beach house

This week we spent five wonderful days on Tybee Island in Georgia and now all I spend every spare minute daydreaming about owning a beach house someday! I’ve always loved the idea of living on the beach or owning a beach cottage, but now I’m convinced that it needs to happen.

The thing about decorating a beach house is that it’s far too easy to simply go to HomeSense, pick up everything nautical themed and call it a day. My style is definitely a lot more nuanced than picking a ‘beach’ theme, and the rooms of my daydreams feature neutral colours, natural textiles and big architectural statements. Think large windows, exposed beams, shiplap and vaulted ceilings!

The little beach condo we stayed in definitely had some of the elements that I love: white shiplap walls, cozy blue and white striped chairs and a large white couch for lounging. Buuut it also had an Americana feel with the blue and red accents that I didn’t love so much. I was so inspired by the space and the landscape that it gave me so many ideas on how I would make the space my own if I had the chance. I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m staying in an Airbnb or even someone’s house, I can’t help but redecorate in my head. Friends and family be warned: I have probably reimagined your space in my head if I’m ever in your house!

Our little beach house gave me so many ideas for my future space. We had a rainy afternoon one day so I spent some time on our little balcony overlooking the beach creating a Pinterest board dedicated to my favourite spaces! I love making little mood boards with my ideas and I couldn’t resist putting this little one together.

You can definitely see a theme with these images: lots of white linen, natural woods, and books! I love the idea of creating an open airy space that my family can visit every summer. I’m picturing built-in bunk beds, a big open kitchen and a long farmhouse table to host reunions and lazy summer trips. Doesn’t it sound like an idyllic way to spend the summer?

I don’t think owning a beach house is anywhere close to becoming my reality, but it is fun to dream and have a goal for the future. In the meantime, I’m totally going to be living through my fellow Canadian blogger Tiffany as she is currently restoring a little beach cottage in Sauble Beach — you can follow along with the Amabel Cottage restoration on Instagram!

I hope summer is treating you well. Take care!

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