Organizing your At-Home Spa (Bathroom)

Organizing your At-Home Spa (Bathroom)

I’ve got another tour coming your way today! Ever since I found out that we were going to be moving, I decided that I wanted to go around our little house and take pictures so I can remember this place. Over the course of the year it became my home and although there is more I wish I could do to it, I am happy with how it looks right now and am happy to share some pictures with you. This is how I put our little bathroom together to make a stylish, organized and cozy rental bathroom.

Rental bathrooms can be the absolute worst. We were so lucky to stumble upon this place because almost everything in the house is brand new. Our landlord repainted the whole place, put in new flooring and carpets and completely renovated the bathroom. When we went through this apartment for the first time I fell in love with the bathroom because of the big tub and window!

The only thing about the small space is that we didn’t have much storage within the bathroom. I brought this small dresser from my last apartment and love how fits right behind the door. It is perfect storage and I love the wood! I think the wood tones really warm up this space and also provide a little area for my favourite Aloe plant (which you may recognize from my Crafternoon post! I didn’t kill it!!).

When I worked in retail we were constantly switching around the decorations in the store. If we were done with items, the staff was allowed to take them home! I nabbed this little tray from the store, and I love how perfectly it fits the jars of makeup sponges, q-tips, and hand cream. It’s also a really great way to tie in the wood tones from the small dresser behind the door. To me, it makes the space look luxurious (and no one has to know that the tray was free, and the jars are from dollarama).

If you can, I would always suggest adding decorative trays and boxes to add pretty details to the space as elegant storage solutions. Instead of having messy boxes of Q-Tips and cotton pads cluttering up my small space, the glass jars add a touch of class and also an airy beach vibe when placed inside the wood tray. Everything is contained, it looks nice and it’s functional!

Not only did I make sure to tie in the wood texture throughout the bathroom, but I also wanted a cohesive colour scheme that wouldn’t make the space too busy. The pale blue ombre shower curtain works perfectly because it isn’t too bright or busy and works well with the calm, beachy theme we (sort of) have going on in the bathroom. To match, I brought in some little striped hand towels, and also the turquoise planter for the aloe plant! I placed the plant on the bathtub so that you can see how all the colours look together.

The bathroom is so small that it was a challenge to get everything in one shot! I bet I looked hilarious crouching in corners and standing on small stools to take these pictures. Although we were extremely lucky to get a brand new bathroom, I think these little touches show what you can do to make your little rental space feel like a spa!

Candles, plants, a nice shower curtain and pretty soap can do wonders for a small space. We had a nice base to begin with, but I still think that adding some well-placed items can transform a space and make it feel more like home. I love lighting candles and having a relaxing bath at the end of the day.

I have to say that I’m really going to miss this bathroom. Our new apartment has a nice bath too, but it doesn’t have a window and I’m so sad that I won’t get to have sunny morning showers anymore.

How will you transform your rental bathroom?

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    • April 3, 2016 / 7:37 pm

      Thank you! I hope this helped! It might seem so silly, but having a nice bathroom makes me so happy.
      Sincerely, Rowan xox

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